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A week of creative gift ideas

This week, we shared several creative gift ideas for your Valentine. Take a glance at what you may have missed this week and check out our our recent Grommet launches -- full of unique gift ideas for your Valentine.

creative gift ideas valentine's day


Love is in the air! And nothing says love like handcrafted marshmallows. Whether you’re looking to shower a loved one with a bit of sweetness or butter someone up with an unconventional treat, these make a great gift to deliver a bit of whimsy and delight. Valentine's Marshmallows by Wondermade ($29.95).

unique gift ideas for valentines day

You don't need a green thumb to cast a concrete planter and fill it with fragrant herbs. The NativeCast Kit comes with everything to do both at home, all year round. This Valentine's Day, let love grow with concrete planters by NativeCast ($16.00).

creative gift ideas


Whether or not you believe that true love is written in the stars, celestial love is yours for the wearing with a starscape pendant personalized and on based on the birthdays of you and yours. Design your own jewelry with Matter.io (starting at $75.00).

unique gift ideas


These natural, hand-poured candles that double as a moisturizer. This wax burns at a low temperature turning it into a warm and soothing body butter and massage oil when lit. When cool, it is a solid perfume. Objects with Purpose (starting at $28.00)

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