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Thanks for reading the Daily Grommet blog! Our main site, www.dailygrommet.com, is an online marketplace and the birthplace of Citizen Commerce, a movement that gives people the information and tools to support products that align with their own values. It's a powerful new way to discover, share, and sell consumer products.

Every day at noon we launch one inventive consumer product or service and broadcast its story across the web. People all over the world give us suggestions for products. They tell us why they should be Grommets. We test and curate the best ideas, and then create a video review and word of mouth campaign for each product. When a product launches on Daily Grommet, we host a discussion board on our site where people can chat directly with the creator of the product and with us.

Many of the products we procure and profile are great gift ideas! Whether you are looking for gifts for dad, gifts for mom, or even creative gift ideas - there is a large variety of products that can meet your needs. Or maybe you just need one of our innovative new products as a treat for yourself! Our collection of new products are what makes our site unique. - we work hard on bringing you the latest product releases from small and mid-sized businesses, helping you locate unique and useful products for your life and home.

If you’d like to see some of the ideas currently being submitted to Daily Grommet, take a look at our Citizens’ Gallery. Better yet, submit an idea for a possible Grommet yourself!

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