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Ace Hardware Has Acquired a Majority Stake in The Grommet

In November, we placed Grommet displays in 250 Ace Hardware stores throughout the country. Since then, our partnership with Ace has expanded, strengthened, and, as of this morning, officially reached new heights.

Ace Hardware and The Grommet share a deep heritage of helping local businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. Our values are uncannily aligned. We're even named after a piece of hardware. As our CEO Jules Pieri said, there is clearly some destiny at work here.

This is exciting for seemingly limitless reasons. The most fundamental of which is they're allowing us to be ourselves and double down on our mission of helping small-scale Makers succeed like never before.

There are few companies as dedicated to the success of small and local businesses as Ace Hardware. That's been their mission for the last 93 years and we have no doubt it will only strengthen over the next 93. And no one is in a better position to help us with our own mission of growing the businesses of our Makers and Retailers than Ace Hardware.

To all of our Makers, Retailers, and supporters: thank you.

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  • Sue Mobley Says:

    When I buy from Grommit will I be able to pick it up at my ACE?

  • Mike Says:

    We don't have that operations system built out yet, Sue, but it is certainly a possibility.

  • Tony Says:

    Very Nice! Does this mean that certain local ACE stores carry the merchandise in the store or is the plan to use ACE to help get information out about the online store?

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks, Tony! Sort of a mixture of both. Right now we have Grommet displays in about 400 Ace Stores throughout the country and dozens more that carry our products. This move will most likely accelerate our placement while also letting Ace customers know about what we do.

  • Mike Montgomery Says:

    Well done guys!

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks, Mike!

  • BARBARA Says:

    What will happen now with my Grommet perks (10% off and free shipping until 12/31/17) ? Thanking you in advance of
    your answer, Sincerely, Barbara McIntyre

  • Mike Says:

    You should not see any changes to that, Barbara. If you do, please let me know!

  • sylvia pierson Says:

    love this it is always GOOD to see, touch, feel the merchandize. Great progress. Thank you!

  • Deborah Says:

    I'm not sure yet how this will play out, I just hope that Grommet retains the same "small company" business model after the merge, and I'm happy that they didn't get gobbled up by Amazon!!!

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks so much, Sylvia. We completely agree. We hope you can get your hands on some Grommets at your neighborhood Ace soon if they aren't already.

  • Thomas Says:

    Excellent outcome! Brava!

  • Mike Says:

    Ha we are just as happy about that, Deborah! One of the many reasons we are so thrilled about this news is because Ace is just as committed to remaining small and helping the little guy. Nearly all of their 5,000 stores are independently owned. Such a sentiment and strategy is important to them as well. Plus, they are not fans of Amazon either. :)

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks, Thomas!

  • Lillian Says:

    I love Ace, shop there often!!!!
    This should be a lovely way to go!

  • Jane Says:

    I believe this is going to prove to be a great merge of 2 fantastic companies!

  • Mike Says:

    Our thoughts exactly, Lillian!

  • Mike Says:

    Love that, Jane, thank you!

  • Frank Leach CPA Says:

    This is exciting. The Ace Hardware Store in Ocean Springs, MS has the very best customer service that I have ever witnessed. As you have chosen to unite, I am sure that with a customer service minded business such as the Grommet , you will have great success in Ace Hardware and the Grommet joining forces!

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks so much, Frank. Our mutual commitment to customer service is one of the many great similarities we have and what has formed such a strong connection thus far.

  • Nj Says:

    OMG -- Love The Grommet and love The Ace Hardware Store.....it's a combo better than PB&J!!!!! Congratulations. Can't wait to see if some of our local Ace Hardware Stores will be carrying Grommet products.
    Thanks for the good news.

    Nj Patton

  • Barbara Says:

    This is wonderful news! We have two ACE Hardware stores in Bozeman, Montana, and I certainly hope I'll see your products there soon.

  • Mike Says:

    Better than PB&J?! That might be the best compliment of the day. Thanks, Nj! In due time, they just might. It's an exciting day with more exciting days to come!

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks, Barbara, we do, too!

  • JANICE Says:

    Congratulations! Should be a good 'pairing'!

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks, Jan, we think so, too!

  • Jon Says:

    Great news! Love the Grommet & shop at my local Ace regularly

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks, Jon. We love to hear that!

  • Susan Says:

    Well, I will hold my breath. I do my very best to shop at small companies that are committed to maintaining their individuality and freedom from big corporations. I am disappointed, but I will hope for the best outcome.

  • Mike Says:

    Hi Susan, Ace is comprised of thousands of small companies maintaining their individuality and freedom. Now we are one of those companies. Ace store owners are the stakeholders in Ace's business. There truly is no better partner to help us grow the companies of our Makers than Ace.

  • mary cynova Says:

    I spend a lot of time in my Ace, I will be great to see your merchandise in our Ace(Westlake) store. mary cynova

  • Mike Says:

    We hope you'll spend even more now!

  • Ann Says:

    My Ace is in Setauket, NY 11720.Any Grommet products there yet? Ann Gramstorff

  • Alicia Says:

    Yes! That's it! Better than PB&J!! I shop Alamo (Calif.) Ace all the time. Wonderful people at that store! Looking forward to visiting even more often!

  • Jules Says:

    Thanks for all the good wishes and enthusiasm. I even thank you for your concerns that we maintain our heart and soul as we grow with Ace. It's the single most important thing to me as co-founder and you have my word and commitment. As Mike pointed out, Ace is a co-op and the stores are locally owned and operated. That ethos permeates the whole company--they are always fighting for the little guy, just like us.

  • Mary Rickles Says:

    My neighborhood Ace is Eau Gallie, Florida. Store has a 50s's style architecture and the best customer service ever. I have friends who drive from another county just to shop here too. Congratulations on this partnership!

  • Amy Says:

    Might this help lead to you one day shipping to Canada? Hope so.

  • Barb Says:

    I will definitely have to check out my local Ace more often. Love The Grommet! Thanks

  • Cindy Hrubenak Says:

    One more sell out...Shame on you

  • katklaw777 Says:

    Congrats...I think it will be a good thing!
    Will I be able to use the Ace gift card I received last xmas at Grommet...please,please,please?

  • Sandy Says:

    Genius! Best of luck with your partnership! I love AE and the Grommet. Both have unique products and great customer service.

  • Judith Theriot Says:

    How do I find out if any of my Ace stores Cary Grommet products? Do you have list of stores ? I live in Louisiana. Thank You,

  • Mike Says:

    Thank you all for the congratulations and well wishes. For those asking about Grommet placement in stores, many details are still being worked out. Currently, we have Grommets in over 400 Ace stores. We're hoping this move will allow us to grow that number at a faster rate and that you will all be able to find Grommets at your neighborhood Ace.

    For those concerned about us giving into big business or selling out, I want to assure you, this news means the exact opposite. This is a corporation made up of thousands of independently owned stores. Certainly not your standard corporation by any stretch.There are few companies as dedicated to the success of small and local businesses as Ace Hardware. That's been their mission for the last 93 years and we have no doubt it will only strengthen over the next 93. And no one is in a better position to help us with our own mission of growing the businesses of our Makers and Retailers than Ace Hardware.

  • Scott Says:

    Will this also mean that The Grommet will be featuring some of the unique products that Ace sells in their stores?

  • Mike Says:

    It's hard to say at this point, Scott. Those kinds of details are still being figured out.

  • Adrienne Says:

    Your overall 'independence' is what drew me to you, searching for innovative, smart, and small-company products. It seems to me that this is just another example of corporate America taking over the 'little guy'. I've gotten several items from you and your vendors, and now I may just think twice or thrice about further purchases. I read your explanation above, but it still is bothersome to me. Sorry.

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Adrienne. In actuality, it's more like thousands upon thousands of little guys banding together to help fellow little guys. We understand your apprehension and hope over time we can show you what a great fit this is.

  • Cindy Says:

    It'll be a 'wait and see' from our end. The duplication of product will be a major factor for true independents like us.

  • Mary Claire Says:

    Buying from Grommit and being able to pick it up at my local ACE Hardware would be a HUGE tactical advantage in getting into the Anchorage, AK market. The companies that currently do this (REI, Land's End, Nordstrom just to name a few) have a strong loyal following. As your business plans are being developed, you may want to work this in... I have seen it mentioned before in this thread. Congrats and good luck.

  • Mike Says:

    We're already having that conversation, Mary Claire. Time will tell, but we are hoping that is a possibility. We agree it would be HUGE!

  • Timothy Mohrman Says:

    The folks at ace seemed different today, now I know why, good news! I like it!

  • katklaw777 Says:

    Hey Mike...you did not answer my question...
    Will I be able to use the Ace gift card I received last xmas at Grommet?

  • Stella M Bowman Says:

    Is Ace socially responsible?

  • Carolyn purvlicis Says:

    Love ACE hardware. I hope to see you at one of the ACE's around Indianapolis

  • carol Says:

    This is not good news for our household as we have been boycotting Ace until they stop selling poisons that kill bees. We like to eat and without bees, there is no food. Perhaps you can influence Ace to be more conscious about what they sell.

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