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Take Note: Advice from our Makers

Our Makers know first hand what it's like to start a business. In speaking with them about their entrepreneurial journeys, we often hear equal accounts having to "figure it out" and "asking for help" in the early years of business. Can you relate?  We've asked a few of our Makers to share with us the best advice they have ever received in hopes that it might help others get one step closer to building their own successful businesses.


Be Patient

"Take the time to do things the way you want them without cutting corners. Good things don't happen overnight. Building a successful business is a process." –Aymie Spitzer, Maker of Neighborwoods


Test New Ideas

"We've had a lot of ideas. Some were stupid. This one worked and has exceeded my wildest expectations. Keep at it, but know when to fold your hand and move on to the next."  –Joe Maiellano, Maker of The Homemade Gin Kit


Maker Advice

Collaboration Is Key

Don't be afraid to collaborate. I'm the owner and ultimately I am the decision maker, but along the way there have been many hours of conversation, ideas thrown around and listening ears. A business is not of one person. I have sought out the advice of family, friends, employees, more experienced business owners and state support organizations. My advice is to go talk to everyone you can that has some experience that you don't. There is a support network out there for you. –Sarah Kaek, Maker of Bee's Wrap



Honest Feedback Matters

“Keep someone critical in your camp. If you surround yourself with 'Yes' people you won’t get honest feedback. But –learn when to ignore the criticism and go with your gut.”


Are you a Maker or business owner? What is the best advice you've ever received? Please share below in the comments.


  • Hugh Robertson Says:

    The best advice I ever received was probably "keep asking the question of your product- are you trying to solve a problem that either doesn't exist or simply doesn't need solving?"
    If you can be objective and honest about the answer, then you will succeed.
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