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An Art Walk in Boston

This past Sunday, some Grommet team members ventured into Boston to stroll through the "Public Art Walk" where you have the ability to walk freely in and out of people's personal art studios and exhibitions.  There were many beautiful pieces of art, rich with colors, textures and stories. One exhibit stood out to us, as it touched on the important subject of education and the artist did a particularly good job of detailing his passion for the issue throughout his exhibit. Above the Standard is an art exhibit created by Boston Public School Teacher, Ari Hauben. His solo art show depicts the detrimental effects of the increasingly standardized and mechanized worlds of education and society. Read more about Ari and his exhibit here and view some of his most beautiful pieces below.

Ari Hauben | Art walk Boston

Mr. Hauben's exhibit was full of different pieces of art that were made out of things you would find in the classroom. In addition to being beautiful works of art, they were representative of Mr. Hauben's feeling on the standardization of education. As you walked in, you even saw a chalkboard where you could write the name of your favorite teacher!

Things to do in Boston | Art walk Boston

This floor may look as if it's littered with papers on it, but it's actually the floor itself and part of his art! Mr. Hauben took MCAS (standardized testing) papers and used them to create the flooring. This artwork is suppose to signify the need to wear down the old standards as more and more people step on them.

Ari Hauben | Boston Art


Mr. Hauben also had a series of old desk tops and morphed them into beautiful pieces of art. Can you believe something so innate and boring could be re-created into something so artistic?

Ari Hauben | Boston Art

Mr. Hauben also used pencils many places, and below you'll see the beginning of the letter "A" for Above the Standard.

Ari Hauben | Boston Art


If you're in Boston this month, be sure to check out Above The Standard, or check out Mr. Hauben's website to see art available for purchase!


  • Weezie Rubino Says:

    We were also at Above the Standard and have high praise for Ari's creativity and presentation of all of his work! We met many of his family members and were able to hear some of the stories behind his work. Ari circulated around the room answering questions and describing some of the thoughts and reasons behind his artwork! I also loved the venue and how his artwork was displayed.....laminated standardized tests on the floors, chalkboard walls to write thoughts and comments, a small movie theater in the loft area showing the development of some of the art as well as the venue!! Had a great time, a "must see" if you venture down to "Southie"!!!! Thanks Ari and Craig

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