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An Ode to a Classic Car: The 1964 AMC Rambler

AMC Rambler, The Grommet ------------------------------------------------The Rambler in all of its glory.


There are many "cool" aspects of working at The Grommet, yet one particular perk is access to our very own vintage, 1964 AMC Rambler. We're a company that represents the Maker Movement and nothing embodies the essence of this movement more than an old car made during Detroit's heyday. The Rambler isn't just for show though, it's in full working order and has made trips all over Boston to take employees to and from. Before The Grommet was founded our Co-Founder and CEO, Jules Pieri, drove it every day as her sole means of transport. This old car has given us a lot over the years but as it goes, it's time for us to say goodbye. We're giving it a proper send-off with due respect here on our blog today and retelling some of its history and stories from those who've been behind the wheel.

The 1964 Rambler was made by American Motors Corporation and was actually a compact model (despite how big and clunky it seems to us today) and a brand new way of thinking for AMC in the late 1950's.  This smaller and sleeker car was seen by AMC executives as the company's salvation during poor sales and competition against Chevrolet and Ford. Their bets on it luckily paid off and sales skyrocketed. It allowed American Motors to reach the height of their prosperity in the 1960's before another inevitable financial downturn. Given that close to 100,000 of these cars were sold, many people likely enjoyed its wide turns and rumbling engine as much as we did. It took thousands of people to where they needed to go and created life long memories.

Read below for a few of our own.

AMC Rambler, The Grommet ------------------------------------------------Cool shot of its signature


Jules Pieri, Co-Founder and CEO (and owner of the car): We decided to buy the car for several reasons, but one was that my husband's father sold them for a living and had fond memories of those cars.  It attracted quite a bit of attention when myself or my family was driving it. People would wave and signal all the time and sometimes I would forget why I was getting so many beeps and thumbs up. I also liked that it served as a virtual monitor on my teenage sons when they took it out. Our friends would tell us they saw them around town in the car so we always knew what they were up to! Check out this cool video of me driving the car in the early days of The Grommet.

A bonified beehive stain! ---------------------------------------------------A bonified beehive stain!


Des Pieri, Jules's husband and owner of the car: Like Jules said, my dad sold Ramblers when I was a kid and we got a new Rambler station wagon every year. The 1963 / 64 Rambler was AMC's best year ever and chosen by Motor Trend as The Car Of The Year in '64. The first owner of the car was a school teacher in Ohio. She had a beehive hairdo and although the top is very high, there is still a slight stain on the headliner from the beehive. (see image above)

the AMC Rambler engine ---------------Jesse taking a look under the hood to check oil levels. They don't make engines like this anymore!

Amy Bernstein, Marketing & PR Specialist: The first time I ever drove the Rambler, I made someone come with me in case it broke down or stopped working. It was such a learning curve though, that I only drove it around the block the first few times until I felt more comfortable. My first thought behind the wheel was about the show, Mad Men on AMC (no pun intended). I felt like one of the characters!

Jesse Buckley, Director of Media Productions:
The first video that we made for The Grommet in 2008 was an "About Us" video with Jules driving the car. I got to hang out the window with a camera,  getting to know Jules and The Grommet. The Rambler was the first impression that I had of The Grommet and it was a good one. It's held a special place for me since the beginning of my time here.

inside the the AMC Rambler -------------------------------------------Interior shot - it did have "power steering"


Katherine Klinger, Director of Marketing:
I'm a remote employee so the first time that I ever visited the office back in Lexington, MA I rode in style from the airport when Jesse picked me up in the Rambler. It felt like a rite of passage to me.

Kate McLeod, VP of Discovery: 
I drove the Rambler a few times and it always made me appreciate just how far the automotive industry has come. The 1960's version of power steering is much different from today!

Todd Mannherz, Senior Software Engineer: 
It has all the quirks of an old car. The windshield wipers stop when accelerating, for example but it’s a really fun and unique driving experience. And it always makes for a great story because people are curious about it.

Did you or your family ever own a Rambler or other special vehicle? Please share any memories or thoughts in the comments.  





  • joanne Says:

    I'll miss the Red Rambler, This car has been a part of the Grommet story since the beginning and in it's own way helped us articulate and actually live the founding beliefs that would form the Grommet brand. Amy, thank you for sending the Rambler off in fine style.
    Joanne Domeniconi
    Co-founder, The Grommet

  • Judy Chaney Says:

    Jules...your Uncle Tom and I owned a Rambler for a short time. We bought it used in the late 60's, but I don't remember the year of the car. What was the most interesting about the car was that the seats folded all the way back flat, so a person could actually sleep on it. That was a first for me to see in a car! Sorry to see yours go, it's a classic for sure!

  • Kate Says:

    The first car my family had was a late 60s green Rambler station wagon. My mom made matching green cushions for the "way-in-the-back" that completely lined the floor and sides and my brother and I would sleep back there on long trips. I remember climbing up the back of the car, sliding across the top, and sliding down the windshield...and getting in big trouble for doing that!

  • Gary Says:

    My family had a 1963 Rambler station . Had many wonderful trips to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Here's a tip: Never ride down a dirt road with the tailgate window down unless you love the taste of dirt.

  • Scottep Says:

    My first car was my Grandfathers 1966 Rambler. Sky Blue.
    The thing I loved about that car was that it was so easy to work on the engine. NOT a Chick-Magnet car, but fun.

  • ron fuller Says:

    my 2nd car was a 1952rambler american i bought in 1960. being in college if i went anywhere overnite, i could sleep in the car with the seats laid back. in 1965, i bought a 1963 american 440h. years after i sold it, isaid if i ever found another one i'd buy it. they are hard to find but patience prevaled and i bought one on e-bayin 2009. i plan on keeping this one until they lay me under

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