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And we're ... LIVE?

Every week we shoot videos here in our studio ... we've even been on television to share our Grommet stories.

But this week, everything changed when we went live. On December 8th, Jen and I hosted the first ever LIVE Daily Grommet video event on Facebook. Our community there is so lively and fun to interact with on that we wanted to take things up a notch for the holiday season -- do something different. So we announced we'd answer questions live and asked everyone to share their holiday shopping dilemmas with us -- wanted to know who "had you stumped" this season. Top of the list? Husbands and young adults (think 20 something son or nephew). Others were stuck on Grandparents, even kids.

So, we made a list of  creative gift ideas (we even checked it twice), and then we set up the camera to capture our LIVE holiday event. Truthfully, we also crossed our fingers (and toes!) because it would be the first time Jesse wouldn't be able to edit out all our goof-ups.

Here's Joanne peeking in on us during the live recording (we told Anthony that payback would be swift and merciless if he tried to distract us - so he simply snapped a few photos and behaved impeccably). Most of the team watched the broadcast on the computer from the offices across the street.

In the span of 15 whirlwind minutes, we managed to cover dozens of Grommets ... things were moving fast! To let us catch our breath (and to swap out the Grommets on set), Jesse cut over to a short blooper reel  he's been keeping to blackmail us with. If you missed it, you can watch it over on our Facebook page (just make sure you are laughing WITH us, not at us).

And just in case you missed the event, here are some of the unique gift ideas we covered for grandparents, teens, husbands, and the dreaded "people who have everything":

Believe it or not, the entire experiment went off without a hitch, a true Christmas miracle. That is, unless you count the fact that we forgot to record the darn thing (oops). So it seems, like most miracles, there's no evidence that it ever really happened. Stay tuned for our next LIVE adventure ... to be announced (and actually recorded!) in 2011.

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