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Answer: Why not?

Question:  Why would anyone crochet a full-sized Mongolian Yurt?

We covered this story five months ago on the Daily Grommet blog.   Kate Pokorny, inspired by a variety of sources including a TED talk by Margaret Wertheim, a Cooper Hewitt Exhibit on "Fashioning Felt" and her own work with a microfinance organization, said "Why not?"

I gave her a small contribution towards the homespun wool, for which she promised to send me a crocheted piece of wall art.  I just got it and I am thrilled.  I am even more thrilled that she is nearly done.  Here's the package I received last week:

That's Kate in the photo, holding up a part of the Yurt, and a sketch of the finished product.  And a friendly volunteer sheep in the corner.  Go Kate!

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