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Anticipating egg on my face, and apologizing in advance

Two weeks ago we had fully vetted a potential cooking tool Grommet and had it scheduled to run imminently.  We used the product multiple times.  We made the final video, wrote the story, negotiated the commercial terms.  I think we had done everything but shoot photography.  It was a "go".  But then Katherine tripped on a negative review in a Dutch publication (the product is a European import).  She doesn't read Dutch but she could read "trouble".  She dug deeper, found enough to worry about, and Joanne cancelled the Grommet.

It caused all kinds of headaches for Joanne to make this decision.  Someone on her team had to face an upset product supplier.  Hours of lost work.  A messed up Grommet calendar.  A need to accelerate another Grommet.  Yet everyone knew it was the right thing to do.

But here's the rub.  This will happen again, and we might miss the bad news and release the Grommet story.   The internet is our friend, we can find negative reviews in a nanosecond.  But if a product is new, or if the bad news is slow to surface on the Web, we could get "caught" by a disreputable new player or product.

I'm very pleased we are developing a new submission process which will openly publicize the ideas we are seeing.  What is now visible only to our team will live in a  public "Citizens' Gallery"  on our site.    This change is going to be huge:  people will be able to get more welcome exposure for their submissions on the Grommet site, and that will also continue to raise the quality of them.

Here's a first mockup...it's undergoing revisions, but we want to share it anyway:

Bigger than that, to us, is that we will have a broader chance to hear multiple points of view on a product.  We will open up ways to comment on a Grommet idea.  By exposing our incoming submissions we will have a much better chance to learn about the possible Grommets from people who are committed to helping us maintain the quality and trust we have built, together, at Grommet.

But....for brand new products even this new Citizens' Gallery is not enough.  Sometimes products fail after months of use.  Sometimes social entrepreneurs do not really give the share of revenue that they commit to at the beginning of their endeavor.  Sometimes they green-wash a product.  Sometimes the front-facing part of the company is professional but the service and operational ends are not.  We have so much experience in figuring this stuff out that we haven't yet had a massive disappointment.  We don't cut corners.  We have a nose for the truth, at every level.

But we will miss something important someday.   It's just inevitable.  We are a small team.  We don't pretend to be Consumer Reports or Underwriters Laboratory.  Our evaluation of a product, and the people and company behind it, is very holistic (more on this in a later blog post).  We will get duped or just make some errors.

For this, I will ask for all the input our community can give, once we start exposing our idea submissions.  But I am mainly, here and now, apologizing in advance.   When we get caught short we will move swiftly and powerfully to correct any errors.  It will be deeply upsetting to me and to the Grommet team, and our community.  So I am apologizing now.


  • Michelle Sedas Says:

    Oh, Daily Grommet. You are too cute!! We love you and your candor. Thanks for being such an honest example for all of us.

  • Valerie Says:

    Let me start by saying that I love your site! Many insomnia hours have been spent browsing your wonderful finds. Personally, I would not lay blame on a company that is obviously attempting to bring worthwhile products to the forefront of conscious consumers. I appreciate your candor and wish you all the best.

  • Lisa J Says:

    Wow! Good for you for sticking to your high standards regardless of the consequences. I would suggest picking a previous Grommet or two and highlighting them today for your regular readers. I'd go with tge microwavable glass popcorn maker. I love that thing :o)

  • Julie Says:

    Integrity RULES. Daily Grommet ROCKS!!

  • julespieri Says:

    @Michelle...love you back...
    @Valerie...It is comforting to know that our hours of insomnia, created by worrying about getting the Grommet stories right, are being appreciated at the other end. I am going to think of you awake, tonight, when I am too!
    @LisaJ...Great minds think alike, apparently. We are doing just that later this week. Glad you love the Catamount. I just washed mine (again, frequent flier in my kitchen) last night.
    @Julie...love the idea of rocking and ruling.

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