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App Roundup: Fall 2012

Smartphone apps

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Raise your hand if you have a hectic life. Of course you do! You might be juggling classes and social commitments, or parent pick-ups and gymnastics meets. Whatever your crazy schedule, you likely have a few apps on your phone to help keep everything together.

If you're a fan of Daily Grommet, you know that we're always looking out for the next big innovation.  Typically, we keep our eyes peeled for cool products that we feel people will want to buy. Yet sometimes it's fun to take a step back and search for innovation in places we don't normally look. So today we are launching a new series to identify some of the most popular smart phone apps out there. We're getting this series started by outlining 5 apps below to save you time and keep you organized. Ready to get started? Read on.

Have ideas on what you'd like to see here? Let us know in the comments!


Are you dissapointed by the new Apple maps?  Are you longing for the days when you could simply Google map your way to destinations without hiccups? Well, that battle may not be won, but there are alternatives. One that we found popular amongst users is Waze. It's a pretty solid GPS app for no cost. The reviews are pretty strong and the unique aspect is that it's actually updated through crowdsourcing things like traffic, accidents or police speed traps. Have you tried Waze? Let us know what you think in the comments, or share similar apps with our community.



This is the app for parents. It lets you keep a schedule of kids play dates, find child-friendly activities in your area, and has an invite tool for parents to invite others and set up play dates based on who's available and nearby. The invite tool is the key aspect as there need to be other parents using the app as well. So if you're a parent, try it out, invite friends with kids and let us know what you think!



There are lots of "to-do list" apps out there. Yet many aren't as simple as using the old paper and pencil method. Is Clear different? It might just be. With the swipe, pinch and click of a screen, you can easily type and check-off your to-do's. You can also make your lists into pretty color combinations and the simplicity is that you only have one line to write your text.  Literally, no room for complications.


Remember the Milk

This app made every list for the best organization apps. It's been around for several years and people swear by it. As with most apps, there's an option to use via web, app or tablet and they all sync together marvelously. You can sort lists into work, school, study etc. and you can even add tasks via email or Twitter! No matter where you are, you can be sure that RTM is available for updated to-do list building.



If you're planning on attending at least one important conference soon, Bizzabo could be the pocket assistant you're looking for. The app allows you to network with attendees even before you arrive, allowing you to target meaningful business connections and maximize your time while there. It even cross references your LinkedIn profile to tell you who would be a good person to network with. In addition, it keeps you updated with times, dates, places and even changes to the schedule. Phew, now you can focus on  the conference and not as much on the silly logistics.


Is your favorite app on this list? If not, share it with us in the comments! 



  • Sally Russell Says:

    I use Weave for my to-do list. Best one at keeping me organized

  • Bethany Says:

    Artkivers!!! You take pictures of your children's artwork and it stores them for you so you don't have to save all those pieces of paper all over your house! The 'print' feature is coming soon so that you can print those images into a keepsake book :-) Love that's it's helped me not look like a hoarder by preserving my boys' memories.

  • Amy Says:

    Thanks, Bethany and Sally! These are great additions. Be on the lookout for another series of apps very soon!

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