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April Fools' Day family fun


Last year we gave my son a "Pranks" kit for his eighth birthday.  The fun ensued for days, and we fell for many a penny on the floor, only to have it be pulled (miraculously!) away from our hands by an invisible string.  Delighted squeals of laughter would light up our home -- a great reminder of the stuff that really matters in life.

Welcome to April Fools' Day!  Will you prank someone today?  Or will you be the Fool?  I always admire families who have a game plan for every holiday.  My son already pranked us today by replacing the creme in Oreo cookies with toothpaste.  I'm already behind the eight ball!

So for parents (like me) who need a little help thinking of fun pranks to play on or with their kids, check out FamilyFun.com.  I like the simple  food pranks such as meatloaf cupcakes, the printables like a "Chore Camp" brochure or a "Tax on Allowance" official letter, and the fact that families can share their favorite pranks.  The best pranks are often so simple -- such as pretending to run out of gas with the kids in the car.  Once the kids have moaned and groaned and started walking for a bit, call out "April Fools!"   For younger kids, I love the bedtime switcheroo (switch the beds your kids are in while they are sleeping).  And we all know that gummy worms and fake bugs can work magic in a variety of places!

What are some of your favorite April Fools' pranks?  Let us know!

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