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  • Join us at Wellesley Marketplace


    Barbara Gordon

    Barbara Gordon

    Hi, everyone!  Barbara here, and I want to share a great tip for folks in the Boston area.  While Daily Grommet spoils us by bringing unique gift ideas into our homes each day, sometimes, it's pretty darn awesome just to get out and be among product creators and artisans.  I know Jules loves this, too, as she keeps us up to date on her own travels through her "Real Deal Road Trip" series.  Last year, she visited Wellesley Marketplace, which is an event near and dear to me because I'm part of the organization that presents the event as a community fundraiser each year.  I think events like this are the perfect complement to what Daily Grommet does so well -- we celebrate innovation and product creators, and provide a "big tent" for artisans who may not have the scale to become a Grommet (at least not yet....we actually have one exhibitor who plans to use her proceeds from Marketplace to launch her website!).   Well this year --  we invite you to come out to to join us.  We'll have over 130 artisans under the roof of the Wellesley Middle School on November 20, where shoppers will find a fresh mix of exhibitors showcasing the latest trends in jewelry, home, personal, and children's accessories.

    We're providing Grommet fans in the Boston area (well, hey, or really anyone who wants to come to Wellesley on November 20!) with a chance to win 4 "Premium" shopping tickets, which gives you first crack at the event by allowing you in at 9 a.m. versus 10 a.m. on Saturday, November 20.  It's the best way to beat the crowds, which do begin to build by mid-morning.

    Wellesley Marketplace will take place from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 20, at the Wellesley Middle School.  Admission is $10 for Adults, and $5 for Students and Seniors.  Tickets will be available at the door.  Premium shopping tickets are also available at Wellesley Roche Bros. and at the door for $15, allowing early bird shoppers to get the first crack at Marketplace for an exclusive shopping hour from 9 -10 a.m.
    We'd love to see you!  Do you plan to join us at Wellesley Marketplace? You can also connect with Wellesley on Facebook and see who else is planning on coming.

    General contest rules: To enter, you must be a U. S. or Canadian resident, and at least 18 years of age and you must leave a comment or question on today’s post. No purchase necessary.  2 winners will be randomly selected and will receive 2 tickets each. Employees, contractors, and the families of employees and contractors of Daily Grommet, Inc. are not eligible to enter. You are not eligible to win if you have received a prize or giveaway from Daily Grommet in the last six months. Void where prohibited. Contest will run from 10:00 am PST November 10, 2010 to 10 pm PST November 12, 2010.

  • Happy Grandparents Day!

    Sara Pacelle, who loves grandparents (and Pop-pops and Oomas) the world over, wrote this post.

    Happy Grandparents Day to all our beloved Grandmas, Pop-pops, Oomas, Nonnies, Papas…

    They enrich our lives and our kids’ lives in so many ways.   But the best thing about grandparents is that they GET IT.  Been there.  Done that.  Bought the t-shirt.  Used the t-shirt to clean out the dog’s ears.   And talk about their PATIENCE!  Phew.

    We think it’s awesome to have a special day to remember our parents’ parents.  Although we think every day should be Grandparents Day since they had to deal with our parents as teenagers!  All kidding aside, we love our Nonnas and recognize and appreciate all the untold sacrifices they make and the unconditional love and support they give us and our children. We Grommet-ers are also committed to introducing important products like the Vitality GlowCaps Medication Reminder System  to help busy people like grandparents take the best possible care of themselves.

    Daily Grommet has a group on the fabulous Grandparents.com site.  We recently held a Let’s Talk Grommets contest, and some really creative Grommet suggestions came rolling in.    There are tons of Gran-preneurs out there rocking out with cool new product discoveries!  We had 2 winners:  one for a product invention and the other for a product introduction.

    Our invention winner was Gambies,  a 100% cotton cover-up for baby that was created by a Grandma.  Gambies grows with the child to become a shirt during toddler years.   We love that versatility!


    A precious "Gambies" model

    Our product introduction winner was  sent in by a grandma who submitted the Discovery Toys Marbleworks.  It’s a tried and true imaginative building toy (we like that it’s unplugged and creative with a few physics lessons snuck in!)


    A favorite toy: Marbleworks

    Let’s give it up for our Grandparent.com winners! Grandparents.com also created a beautiful video card to celebrate grandparents on their special day-- it's truly beautiful (and get out those hankies, girls!).  Watch it here.

    Finally, this post got me thinking about all the different names kids have for their grammies/grandies.  So, what do you or your kids call the grandparents in your life?  Grams, what names do your little angels call you?   Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Gifts from (and by) Children

    I just dropped off my second-grader and fourth-grader for the first day of school.  Many of you are experiencing first days (or did a few weeks ago) and all the accompanying hype, butterflies, schedule overload, and sleepy mornings that accompany.  We at Daily Grommet can completely relate as we juggle crazy schedules this week.  Know that we share your pain, but we also share the snippets of euphoria that come from having a little more 'us' time -- whether for work, home or personal pursuits.

    So, I'm walking away from the school this morning -- feeling that small glimpse of freedom -- when BOOM!  I'm accosted by one of those always-on-top-of-things parents who noted that it would be only a matter of time before we'd be getting ready for the holidays (egads!) now that school had finally started.  Holidays, schmolidays! I haven't even updated my new TrulyMom organizer (which I love like you can't even believe) with the school calendar yet.   So. Not. Ready. Buy Truly Mom's mom planner family calendar and organizer

    Thanks to the aforementioned parent, my mind actually did skip ahead a couple of months to all kinds of gift stuff --and I recalled this amazing gift that our own Joanne orchestrated for a teacher gift last year. She had each child in her son's class draw an animal, and then Joanne sent the drawings off to Joy Copanezos of Kidoodles (if you missed this Grommet, take a second to check it out -- especially the endearing video that her own son shot of Joy making her spectacular jewelry).  Joy created a charm from each drawing to help create a jaw-droppingly adorable and nostalgic bracelet.  Here it is:

    Daily Grommet Office, Kidoodle, Grandparents.com 019

    Isn't it amazing?  Joy also makes earrings, pendants, pins, or tie tacs in addition to charms. I'm thinking of how wonderful a pin or pendant made from a child's artwork could be for a grandparent holiday gift.  Or even for Mom (hint, hint, honey!). Buy KiDoodles jewelry from kid's art here.

    Truly, gifts made by children are incredibly precious.  We love KiDoodles because it takes that special piece of artwork and makes it immortal. We also featured a terrific Grommet last winter, Tikatok.com, where children can write, illustrate and publish their very own books.  Tikatok books make beautiful gifts, too. Learn more about Tikatok book publishing website for kids here.

    Indeed, we'll all be thinking about the holidays before long (it won't just be the perky folks like the parent I saw at school this morning).  Have you seen other great ways to help children make lasting gifts for family or friends?  If so, let us know!  We're always looking for great Grommet ideas, and we'd love to hear from you.

    See what unique gift idea Daily Grommet has discovered today!

  • Come on, back!

    Daily Grommet Office, Kidoodle, Grandparents.com 001

    Jules tells Sara to "Come on, back!"

    Daily Grommet Office, Kidoodle, Grandparents.com 002

    Nice moves, Jules. Next stop: ground crew at Logan

    We've written before about the old Victorian house that serves as our office.  We love it and all of its quirks.

    One of the funniest ones is that when more than four of us are here (which is basically every day of course), we must block each other in to park.  We're not just talking double parking, but triple and quadruple, too. I can't tell you how many times we've had to drop everything to move one of our cars:  mid-video, mid-Grommet testing, mid-writing code (sorry Gary and Eric, the ones we tend to bug the most since they are here around the clock!).

    Love these photos of Jules in true CEO fashion directing Sara out of just such a double-parked situation.  Jules did a bang up job.  Wouldn't be surprised if the ground crew at Logan doesn't call her up soon - what finesse!  And I'm a way big fan of those orange shoelaces.

  • Keeping a Visionary on Task

    August 2009 - Beach & Bern 2 DG 161

    Jules takes drastic measures to stay focused in a workhorse of a meeting with COO Patti

    If you know Daily Grommet, you know our founder, Jules. She has a few skills up her sleeve.  But we recently found one thing that might qualify as "needs improvement":  concentrating for long periods of time on tasks that cannot be accomplished on her Mac. Check out the picture above.  Seriously, this is what we had to resort to last week.

    Last Thursday Patti, our COO, was trying to commandeer the loquacious and energetic Jeanne and the always- thinking Jules to work through a list of system requirements.  Big fun for a gorgeous sunny summer day here in Lexington.

    About the time Patti hit "#842", Jules could no longer take it.  She had been staring at the floor but she could still see her Mac out of the corner of her eye...and the emails were oh-so -beckoning!  So she had to take it one step further in order to keep her mind on the important, but tedious, task on hand.  Enter: the cardboard box, which she bravely kept over her head through #918, when one of us had to move our car to let someone out (more on this in a different post soon).

    Oh, the stories we could tell.  And we will.

    Stay tuned.

  • Simply Divine

    More great news -- you can now find reviews of some of our favorite Grommets at Divine Caroline!

    divine caroline logoDivine Caroline is creating a compelling site by providing an engaging and lively community for women to share their own thoughts, voices, passions and observations.  We particularly appreciate that the Divine Caroline user submissions are thoughtfully curated and attractively presented, to avoid that free-for-all cacophony of some other sites.  In their own words:

    At DivineCaroline, women come together to learn from experts in the fields of health, fashion, and work; to reflect on shared experiences with family and friends; and to express themselves by writing and publishing stories about anything that matters to them. Here, real women publish like real pros. Together, they are discussing all facets of women’s lives from kids and health to politics and style. So come discover, read, learn, laugh, and connect at DivineCaroline.com.

    We are delighted to partner with Divine Caroline to provide product reviews that can provide real solutions.  Depending on the review, you might find a Grommet under any number of Divine Caroline's channels, including Parenting, Play, Home & Food, Body & Soul, Travel or Style. We encourage you to check out Divine Caroline and look around.

    There are a few things I especially appreciate about Divine Caroline.

    • Anyone can publish at Divine Caroline, so if you have a story you're just dying to tell - it provides a great forum to share.  Here's how to get started.
    • chit chatThe Divine Caroline team knows that you may not feel like submitting a whole story, but you might want to add your two cents about this or that. So, they have a great feature called chit chat on each of their channels, where they ask a fun question, and you can provide your point of view.  And many chit chats offer incredible giveaways.  We sponsored one earlier this year, when we asked the question "what's your favorite product find?"
    • Divine Caroline also offers a daily dose of fashion and product finds called Found It, Loved It, written by its fashion editor, Jacinta O'Halloran.  You can check out an example here. We share Jacinta's passion for great finds!

    Divine Caroline is worth a good look - from its content to its community to its incredible staff (that's a shout out to Emi Hofmeister, our fun, friendly and totally capable friend there).  Check it out - and let us know what you think about it.

  • Already!?! Daily Grommet’s Ideas to Ease Back-to-School Pain

    We can't believe it, either.  It's almost time...
    To make your life a little easier this fall, check out our list of back to school shopping ideas.  We hope you'll find some  you can use, and we'd love to hear what else is on your back to school list, too.

    By Elise Smith

    Don't look now, but the first day of school is just around the corner. Going back to school means getting organized, getting efficient and getting back to work -- for both parents and students.

    clocky smA Runaway Hit
    When Clocky’s alarm goes off, there’s no sleeping in! It jumps to the floor and skitters across the room, with R2D2-like twitters and beeps that make it impossible to ignore. Truly, the only way to turn it off is to chase it down. Rest easy knowing your kids will make that early class. ($42.85-$49.99) Buy Clocky, the best bedside alarm clock here.

    shoe stickers

    Customized Kicks. With sneakart’s punchy graphic films, you can unleash your creativity and transform your plain leather (or leather-like) shoes into something that showcases your personal style.

     ($15.00) Buy the sneakart's custom sneaksins here.

    listmakerNoteworthy News
    Running your life on scraps of paper and envelope backs? Always losing your to-do list? Get your life in order just in time for the school rush with the List Maker Desktop Caddy, an organized supply of note papers for shopping lists, honey-do lists, telephone notes or reminder notes. ($40.00) Buy B Designs letterpress notecards here.

    Netflix-style Book Rentalbookswim
    Don't want to lay out big bucks for the syllabus list? Tired of long wait lists for the hottest best-sellers at the library? BookSwim gets it right: for a flat monthly rate pick the books you need for home delivery and keep them as long as you need them. (Memberships start at $19.98 / month) Find out more about BookSwim online book rental here.

    No Smartphone? No Problem!peek image
    Don't need all the complications and expense of a Blackberry or iPhone but still need to stay in touch on the go? Peek Mobile Email Device is a simple, inexpensive answer because all it does is handle messages. ($59.95) Learn more about the Peek handheld mobile email device here.

    Password Controlled Bike Lockwordlock

    Kids can keep their bikes safe without straining their brains trying to keeping track of the combination. WordLock has a five-foot vinyl-coated cable with a lock that opens with a four-letter password you select (hint: use a word other than “bike”!). ($14.99) Buy the Wordlock cable bike lock here.

                                               altec lansing                  

    Portable Tunes for Your On-The-Go Life      Wherever you go to study or get away from it all once the school year has begun, you can take your MP3 player along and forget the earbuds with the Altec Lansing Orbit portable speaker. The perfect gift for college kids, teens (or just for you!). ($28.41) Buy Altec Lansing Orbit portable MP3 speaker here.

    You Sneeze, You Lose!
    cleanwellKeeping kids safe from germs at school is a pretty tough challenge. Hand sanitizers can help, but most are filled with harsh chemicals. The CleanWell formula is just as effective but it's non-toxic since it's made with a patented formulation of naturally antimicrobial plant oils. Smart, right? ($3.39 and up) Buy CleanWell all natural and safe hand sanitizer here.

    SnackTaxiSuper Sandwich Savers

    This inventive mom decided enough was enough, and started stitching her way to a greener lunchtime solution for her kids. These cotton, nylon-coated, reusable lunch and snack bags from SnackTaxi.put an end to plastic in our homes – and they’ve got great patterns to choose from (bright and fun for kids, hip for teens, even stylish options for us parents). ($6.95-$8.95 per bag) Buy snackTAXI reusable snack and sandwich bags here.

    mabels labelsNo more trips to the School Lost and Found
    Tired of losing every new jacket, mitten, ballet shoe or sport bag you buy?  Check out Mabel's Labels --the perfect solution for labeling everything your kids need for back to school.  Mabel's Labels come in a variety of designs and colors -- you can personalize them to match your kids' favorite activities or colors. Buy Mabel's Labels children's clothing labels here.

    Click here to visit the Daily Grommet for more unique back-to-school and gift ideas.



  • A Grommet is Born!


    Sketch of Megan McDonald by Peter H. Reynolds

    One never knows where we'll find the next Grommet.  While our hard-working Discovery team reads countless idea submissions and researches fascinating products and companies from across the globe, sometimes they just walk right into our backyard.  Sort of.

    A few weeks ago, I noticed our fave local bookstore, The Wellesley Booksmith, was hosting a "meet the author" event with Megan McDonald.  We LOVE Megan's Judy Moody and Stink series (!), so we grabbed a quick lunch after my son's baseball game and hustled to a local elementary school gym to hear Megan speak.  Within about a minute, we were taken in by Megan's adorable personality and hilarious (especially if you are 6-10 years old) stories.  As I listened to her endearing stories about her own collections and the funny things she and her sisters did growing up, I thought what a gift she and her books are to my children and so many others.

    And then she mentioned she had a new book coming out on July 28 (hey! that's today!),  and I thought "bingo- Megan's new book would be the perfect summer reading Grommet!"  I whipped out my trusty Blackberry (I think my kids would have another name for it other than "trusty"  - try "boring") and  emailed Joanne about the idea; she quickly wrote back to say she loved it.  So, after Megan ended her talk -- as we prepared to march to the local library for Screaming Mimi ice cream and her book signing -- I introduced myself to the lovely Laura Rivas, Megan's publicist with Candlewick Press.  She was as excited as I was to meet, as she knew all about Daily Grommet.  The rest, as they say, is history.

    I invite you to check out our homepage today and watch the video.  We sent Megan one of our flip video cameras, and she shot a tour of her home studio as well as a sneak peak of her newest tale.  My children (ages 7 and 9) have read each and every one of her books, including an advance copy of Judy Moody & Stink:  The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt. In their opinion, the books are "rare" and "way not boring".  If you're looking for some fun summer reading, be sure to check 'em out.

    Click here to visit the Daily Grommet homepage.

  • Hello, Grandparents.com!

    We're thrilled to welcome Grandparents.com as our partner today!  Sara, our Biz Dev Gal, writes about our new relationship -- and a new game we love -- below.

    By Sara Pacelle

    It's amazing how grandparents seem so young once you become one.  ~Author Unknown

    I love this quote!  As the years are flying by and my kids are getting bigger and bigger, I understand it more and more.   Because grandparents connect  multiple generations and nurture bonds across families, we are thrilled to announce our newest partnership today with Grandparents.com.


    Starting today, go to the Daily Grommet group at Grandparents.com, and join the conversation.  We invite you to join the fun and tell the Grandparent.com community about a product or service you love and want to share. To kick things off with a splash and through August 5, we’re co-hosting a contest with Grandparents.com to talk about Grommets.   Prizes include Daily Grommet gift certificates and a chance to have your idea featured on Daily Grommet.

    Today’s Grandparents are very involved in the lives of their kids and grandkids, and we think Grandparents.com is the ideal place for grandparents to connect with one another and find ideas for ways to engage with their grandchildren.

    According to Grandparents.com, the average age of first time grandparents is 53 years old, and there are over 27 million in the U.S.  These grandparents have very few online options to gather and connect with each other.   We think that Grandparents.com is a wonderful Grommet partner because it is an innovative, helpful and user-friendly site with rich content and a vibrant vibe.

    The site has lots of activities and some expert advice from talented columnists.  They have information that is regionalized like “101 Things to Do in Your City” (and there are 50 US cities to chose from!) As a member you can join groups or even create your own group and share conversations around common interests.  There are many awesome groups from which to chose, from Go Play Outside to Celebrity Grandparents to even our own Daily Grommet group!

    Jules with Beth Fredericks of Grandparents.com, plotting Grommet Game strategy

    Jules with Beth Fredericks of Grandparents.com, plotting Grommet Game strategy

    Besides, Grandparents.com is fun!  When we met Beth Fredericks from Grandparents.com (aka “Community Gal”) at our Grommet offices, she told us about a game called Grommets that she and her husband and friends played on the sandy shores of the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon.  She described the game and sent Jules a version of it.  We were intrigued by the game (it’s similar to horseshoes, but played with large Grommets or washers), and the challenge was on.  Off we headed to the shores of Walden Pond (yes, Thoreau’s Walden Pond).  It was a great day, and you can watch the video we made with Beth here on Grandparents.com. We took a few photos, ourselves:

    Jules consider this new kind of Grommet

    Jules consider this new kind of Grommet

    Sara and Jules celebrate a ringer

    Sara and Jules celebrate a ringer

    Grommet Game Rocks

    Grommet Game Rocks

    So spread the news to all the grandparents and grandparents-t0-be you know, and watch the video for a great homemade game idea for your family .  We think they’ll love Grandparents.com for all the reasons we do.

    Beth, Sara and Jules relax after the Big Game

    Beth, Sara and Jules relax after the Big Game

  • Daily Grommet is Giving Away 100 Google Voice Test Accounts

    Google Voice LogoIf you saw this article about Daily Grommet last week, or if you're already a fan, you know we bring you fresh finds and unique gift ideas every day.  Most of the time, you never know what you're going to get until we launch a new product at noon. We have a lot of great Grommets up our sleeves, but sometimes (like now), we get one that's just way too hot to keep under wraps.

    On July 27, we're featuring Google Voice.  And we have access to 100 Google Voice beta accounts we want to share with you, our Daily Grommet community.

    Haven't heard about Google Voice yet? It's "one phone number for life" that consolidates your home, work and mobile phone number into one central phone number that you get to pick. Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail as easy as email, free US long distance, low rates on international calls, and many calling features, including the ability to record your own phone conversations. It's super-hot.

    We'll be featuring Google Voice as our Grommet of the day starting at noon EST on July 27 on the Daily Grommet homepage, and we'll tell you more about it then.  But because it's still so new, Google Voice has a limited number of beta accounts that are in hot demand -- some estimates place the wait list at tens of thousands.

    So here's how you can enter to win access to your own Google Voice account:

    • Retweet any @DailyGrommet tweet that mentions the Google Voice beta account giveaway between now and Noon EST July 28.
    • Between Noon July 27 and Noon July 28, when we air our feature of the story behind Google Voice, you can leave a comment about Google Voice on our homepage's  "Talk about this Grommet" board.  Don't leave a comment before or after those timeframes (comments are limited to one entry per email address).
    • We'll select 100 winners at random to receive a Google Voice account invite. If you're a winner, we'll contact you between July 28 and July 31 and ask you to send us your gmail address so that Google can reach you to send you an invite (NOTE: We won't contact you at that email address, or add it to our email list). Google tells us they'll contact you within a week.

    General contest rules: To enter, you must be a U. S. resident, and at least 18 years of age. No purchase necessary. All entries are due by Noon EST July 28. By entering this contest, you give Daily Grommet permission to contact you regarding your submission. You are not eligible to win if you have received a prize or giveaway from Daily Grommet in the last six months. Winner will be contacted by email or Twitter. If the winner does not respond within 7 days, a new winner will be selected. Void where prohibited.

    Click here to visit the Daily Grommet homepage.

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