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Caroline Fong

Author Archives: Caroline Fong

Business Development & Operations Associate at The Grommet

  • The (Make Make Make Make) Maker Movement Soundtrack [Shake it Off Parody]

    Makers gonna make… and we made a music video. When the pop music world gives you a gem like “Shake It Off,” you’ve got to make a parody (right?). Well at least for us, it made these recent snow days a bit more bearable.

    The Grommet team is all about good stories, good products, good videos, and (after hours) a good jam session, so why not throw it all together? Press play to catch our team and cast of Makers, making and shaking … 

    to this. sick. beat.



    Want to learn more about the Maker Movement? Check out our Maker Movement infographic.

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  • We Just Met Some of the Smartest Kids on Earth

    This past weekend, The Grommet crew arrived in the Big Apple with Grommets and passion in tow. As we neared the New York Hall of Science grounds and the majestic rockets of Rocket Park came into view, we knew we were in for an adventure. We had arrived at the greatest show and tell on Earth (the World Maker Faire).


    Up went our booth, crafted from wood and metal. Out came our Grommets, packed into carefully curated boxes. PocketMonkey, Speaker Creature, Mist, Pin Pals, IN1 Case, Gigs 2 Go, Craftholic, KeySmart… For a “red carpet” welcome, we rolled out a Yoga by Numbers mat. At 10 AM each day, the floodgates opened to this part amusement park, part fairgrounds, and part technology event. The crowds swarmed the expansive grounds and many curious minds hitting our booth with wide, inquisitive eyes. Visitors from all over the globe, eager to learn about us, crept close with a wonderfully recurrent turn of phrase: “What is The Grommet?”


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  • 5 Tech Accessories You Don't Need, But Totally Want

    We probably all consider ourselves pretty technologically savvy at this point. Most of us now own a smartphone whereas circa 2008, the Motorola Razr was one of the most popular phones. Think about it.

    Right now, you probably know about the latest iPhone model, the latest Android operating system KitKat, and the hottest tablet on the market. But what about some of the latest tech accessories?

    I’ve rounded up 5 items that not only help maintain our plugged-in lifestyle, but do it in style. Yes, you don’t need any of them (or maybe you do), but I assure you that you’ll want all of them!

    1. LSTN Troubadour Headphones ($150)

    Tech Accessories | LSTN

    Like guitars, violins and pianos, these headphones are made from wood, which channels a naturally warm and resonant sound. Each pair is individually handcrafted from real, reclaimed wood, available in ebony, cherry, or beech wood. No two pairs are exactly alike, and for each pair sold, LSTN helps restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.


    2. MuseMini Bluetooth Speaker ($29.95)

    Mini Muse | Tech Accessories

    Standing at about two inches tall, this small wireless speaker challenges the notion that bigger is better for audio. Sleek and cylindrical, it’s designed to be portable, and it delivers surprising sound for its size. Just charge via USB for an hour and you get six hours of listening time.

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  • A Cut Above: All-American R. Murphy Knives


    american made knives - factory tour

    Last November, we launched R. Murphy Knives here at The Grommet and  have since remained taken back with these USA Makers.  We sent three Grommeteers to visit the R. Murphy Knives factory in Ayer, Massachusetts in order to share a closer look at how these knives are made.

    Founded in 1850 as a cutlery business, the local company was family owned until 1954. Today, Mimi Younkins and her husband-business partner Mark Furman run the company, which still uses a handcrafted manufacturing process with machines about a century old.

    american made knives - R. Murphy

    The Grommet discovers R. Murphy Knives

    “When I first walked in there, I was curious, very curious,” Bobby, our resident knife enthusiast, recounted to me. “I was blown away by the precision of everything -- and the thoughtfulness that went into the production of each knife.” He had watched the knives being prepped in the sea bath.

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  • Crowdfunding is the Name of the Game

    Back in the day, you lugged around a big cardboard suitcase of candy bars, selling each for a dollar to fundraise. Now, crowdfunding is the name of the game.

    Crowdfunding - The Grommet and Indiegogo

    From freelancing journalists in need of cash for travel expenses to kobe beef jerky enthusiasts buying a commercial refrigerator, crowdfunding has given many ideas and projects the much sought after initial push -- as well as initial validation.

    In March, we partnered with Google Apps, Boston.com, and Indiegogo to host the Product Pitch: From Home Plate to Home Run at Fenway Park, where the winner benefited from The Grommet’s expertise in launching consumer products and getting their product market-ready.

    After the event, the event winner THINX and four of the participating teams launched Indiegogo campaigns. The verdict? THINX and popular vote winner MAX'IS Creations both had their campaigns fully funded -- further validating the potential of their great products.

    To encourage folks to take the first step toward their campaigns, we are passing along an opportunity on behalf of our partnership with Indiegogo. As a new or current user, anyone who launches an Indiegogo campaign through our unique link will be associated with the Grommet Partner Page and receive 25% off Indiegogo fees!

     This is one of our ways of saying “don’t give up!” to all the dreamers and innovators out there. It’s a great chance to try crowdfunding if you’ve been considering it!

    Again, here’s the unique link. We can't wait to see your campaigns!

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