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Cynthia Njuguna

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Business Development Associate at The Grommet

  • Participate In Giving Tuesday, On Any Budget

    The post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy may be winding down, but as you finish checking off your gift list, consider joining in the Giving Tuesday movement.

    November 29th is the global day of giving. Following Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is often overlooked, but since it’s inception in 2012, this movement grows every year. Celebrate with us and together we can make a real difference.

    Similar to Small Business Saturday, one of the best ways to get involved is in your own community. Giving Tuesday organizers share that helping others comes can come in many different forms. Give the gift of your time, donations, goods, or your voice. We’ve put together a list of nonprofits that we admire to get you started that fit any budget.

    Starting at the price of a cup of coffee


    You can provide relief to women and their families in rural Fond Des Blancs, Haiti recovering from Hurricane Matthew. Providing jobs, education, and healthcare, Haiti Projects empowers Haitian women toward self-sufficiency—strengthening an entire community in the process.
    Learn more about Haiti Projects, here.

    Starting at $10


    You can help lessen the financial and emotional burden for breast cancer patients and survivors. I’mpact One provides essential—but often missing—resources during treatment, recovery and beyond.
    Learn more about I’mpact One, here. Continue Reading

  • Gifts That Give Back

    Here at The Grommet, we tell the stories of Makers who have created innovative, new products. Non-profit businesses can be just as innovative as any other. When we discover a philanthropy with a novel approach to bettering the world, we share their story and invite our community to support them.

    This year marks the fourth anniversary of Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving. We’ve put together a list of nonprofits that we admire. The collective power of generosity can bring about real change -- help make an impact today by supporting a cause that is important to you.


    Build motivates at-risk students by teaching them to create and run their own businesses. They become engaged in learning—as proven by falling dropout rates and increased numbers accepted to college. Donate Now


    Intrepid Fallen Heroes
    Honor our veterans by supporting the Intrepid Fallen Heroes fund. This charity provides wounded veterans with needed care for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and psychological health conditions. Donate Now Continue Reading

  • Kick off the National Week of Making with a local shop

    After last year’s National Maker Faire, we were delighted when the White House declared June 12-18 would be the national “Week of Making." Here at The Grommet,  we're kicking off National “Week of Making” with meetups at local shops from coast-to-coast.

    The Maker Faire, is the “Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth” and embodies the pulse of the Maker Movement as hundreds of Makers and tens of thousands of attendees take part in this “family-friendly festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness." Now, dedicating a week to celebrate Maker communities nationwide is the perfect way to continue embracing the Maker economy.

    National Week of Making

    To celebrate during the week of June 13-18, The Grommet is hosting a series of “Maker Economy Meetups” at independent Retailers from coast-to-coast. We're excited to keep growing the Maker Economy with you and other shoppers, Makers, and supporters.
    The Meetups will connect local and regional Makers, Retailers, and consumers much like a local farmer’s market, where shoppers get to know the people behind the items they buy. Makers and shoppers will also get a chance to meet local Retailers who are working on the front lines to drive the Maker Economy forward.

    Continue Reading

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