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Ericka Basile

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Sr. Director, Partner Programs at The Grommet

  • 7 Tips for New Trade Show Exhibitors

    Do you have new products? Are you thinking about exhibiting at a trade show? It can be a big undertaking, but it’s worth it! As a trade-show consultant and judge, I’ve witnessed amazing success stories come out of mere 10x10’ exhibitor spaces. Not to mention, The Grommet team attends several trade shows each year looking to connect with potential Grommet partners. A lot of magic can happen at a show!

    Of course, not all companies have to exhibit at a trade show to become successful, but I advise exhibiting at least one time. You will receive direct feedback from buyers and distributors which can be priceless. Trade shows are also a great way to gain press coverage which is vital for any new business.

    Trade Show Tips

    Here are a few tips I’ve shared over the years with new trade show exhibitors (I hope they help you as well):

    1. Attend the show the year before you exhibit.

    Go as a guest and walk the show floor and be sure to talk to people.  Find one of the dozens of people sitting down, looking bored, in the big booths. They will give you the scoop on how the show has done over the years. Ask if they think this Fall Show is better than the Spring Show, for example. On the last day of the event visit the tiny booth in the far corner of the show floor. They will tell you how they value the show.

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