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  • Supporting Future Entrepreneurs

    The Daily Grommet runs deep with Simmons graduates – Joanne, Wendy and Julia are all Simmons alums.  The relationship is even stronger now with the addition of our latest intern, Anuja KC.  Anuja was awarded a scholarship from the Deborah L. Natansohn Foundation, which promotes the advancement of women through mentoring programs and educational partnerships and community outreach programs.   We are thrilled that Anuja resonated with Citizen Commerce and humbled that she chose to work with us for her internship. Here’s Anuja on why she chose to work with Daily Grommet for her internship.

    by Anuja

    Anuja KC

    Anuja KC

    My interest in "entrepreneurship" started when I first learned about it in high school. When I read business journals and magazines, more than success stories of business tycoons and trailblazers it was the moving stories behind entrepreneurs and their startups that captivated my attention. On my quest to learn more about entrepreneurship and the nuts and bolts of starting a new venture I landed myself with an internship opportunity at Daily Grommet.

    It was through my entrepreneurship professor Dr. Susan Duffy that I learned about this opportunity. The first time I browsed Daily Grommet’s web portal, I did not have to hunt for what the company was all about, the interactive videos and welcoming web presence said it all. Hence, I instantly wrote to Professor Duffy expressing my interest in this enticing opportunity and there was no looking back. Having spent a month interning at Daily Grommet, I must say this is one of those decisions I made as an impulsive college student, which I will never regret.

    Being an avid online shopper, I could easily relate to Daily Grommet’s unique stance on “Citizen Commerce”. The idea of finding great products and services and sharing its reviews has always appealed to me. Where else could I find a better place to unleash my passion than Daily Grommet?  I have always believed that a company is as good as its people, and the welcoming ambiance on my first day at work said it all. Within my first week, apart from turning on my quant jock side to do some number crunching, I had already made my impromptu appearance in Celeste Stein tights video, joined a conference call with the suppliers and agreed to test a new product. The hard working and synergistic atmosphere is very contagious and obviously testing the potential grommets in between works makes any drab day an interesting one.

    Given its early stage in ecommerce business, the challenges are insurmountable and every day is full of surprises. But the ambiguity and uncertainty does not daunt the Daily Grommet team.  The pressure to launch a new grommet everyday makes each day productive and the collaborative work culture makes every problem seem minuscule.

    The responsibility that I have been given as an intern at Daily Grommet is invaluable for me as I hope to capitalize on every aspect I learn here in the days to come. The prospect of learning new something everyday, being focused on the work yet enjoying the process is what excites me and I am glad I chose to intern at Daily Grommet over the companies that consider interns as a side aid than an asset to the company. I hope my time at Daily Grommet for the rest of the semester has even more valuable experiences in store for me.

    In case you want to check it out, here is Anuja's impromptu appearance in one of our daily videos.

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