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Email Marketing Specialist at The Grommet

  • A Look Ahead at 2018

    Our product discovery team has already been hard at work finding innovative, Grommet-worthy products to share with you in 2018. We sat down with our product experts to get the scoop on the types of products you’ll be seeing this year.


    Smart Kitchen is here to stay, and we are seeing more and more companies come up with new ways of perfecting the way we cook, bake, grill etc. by infusing everyday activities with technology that makes our lives easier. With that being said the most successful smart kitchen products have to solve a common problem in a different and more effective way and be an affordable price.

    The health benefits and the ease of home preparation of fermented foods will continue to be a big trend and we see so many Makers coming out with DIY solutions. It’s nice to see a revival of something that has been used by many for centuries make a comeback and continue to grow.

    Taking everyday products and reinventing them. We are seeing a resurgence of this within home and housewares. When you can take something that already exists and re-design it to make it better and solve a widespread consumer problem, it's powerful.


    The technology category continues to redefine itself as electronics spread to all product categories and give more focus to niche categories. Finding ways for technology to infuse itself with everyday tasks and make our lives a little more convenient is going to be our focus.

    While the fidget spinner craze came and went quickly this year, we do anticipate continued interest in out-of-the box ready to play toys. I'm expecting 2018 to move away from the learn-to-code STEM toy and focus more heavily on interactive toys that seamlessly mesh the digital and physical worlds. Mixed realities (Augmented and Virtual) will likely see deeper development.

    We are expecting a number of shifts in the hardware and tool space for 2018. Naturally, this lends itself to connected products enhancing our ability to build, tinker, and improve our homes. We also anticipate re-designs of familiar tools that will continue to shrink, become stronger, and more efficient than those prior.

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  • The Grommet Wholesale is Named "Rising Star"

    Last week, The Grommet Wholesale received the "Rising Star" Award from Gifts and Decorative Accessories' Retailer Excellence Awards. The award recognizes our unique approach to product launch as well as the Wholesale platform’s simple ordering system that makes it easy for retailers to merchandise Grommets in their shops. We are honored and humbled to have received this prestigious award.

    The Grommet Wholesale

    Below is a video made by Gifts and Decorative Accessories explaining why we were chosen for the award.  

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  • Maker Update: Toockies

    When we launched Toockies on the Grommet in May 2012, we were inspired by Anna Marie Stauss’ story. Her company employs 270 women in Nabapur, India to knit beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly dish scrubs at Fair Trade wages. The company was founded from Anna Marie’s drive to eliminate human trafficking in the region, for many women were forced to turn to this in desperation.


    Toockies still employs the 270 women, many of them now full time and earning higher wages than their husbands. The business has also expanded into another region nearby, Atcara. Atcara has a unique reputation in the area; the villagers have gypsy heritage and they are known for their ability to sing to snakes. This unfamiliarity makes it difficult for the people of Atcara to find work, other villages in India tend to fear the people. The six coaches in the village are being trained now, and Anna Marie plans to hire an additional 36 women to knit by the end of the year.

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  • Maker Update: Lalabu

    In February 2014 we launched Lalabu Soothe Shirts on The Grommet. We recently caught up with Brian and Keri, husband and wife team and co-founders of Lalabu, to see how things have been going since launch. This social business has made some exciting business developments, and the impact has been widespread.

    Lalabu now utilizes a giving model they call “2% for Moms”. In partnership with Kiva, Lalabu gives 2% of all of their sales to women entrepreneurs in Africa in the form of micro-loans. Thanks to Grommet supporters, they have been able to lend $5,350 to 194 mom entrepreneurs in 20 different countries in Africa.

    The team at Lalabu has also been active making their own community of Atlanta a better place. They’ve spearheaded major business and development projects for multiple organizations, including one aimed at helping young women in difficult positions find jobs, an organization to help struggling families find necessary services, and a group helping women refugees by providing job training.

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  • 5 Ways to Ride Easier and Smarter this National Bike to Work Day

    May 15th is National Bike to Work Day. These Grommets will help you get to the office easily, safely, and comfortably. Happy biking.

    cycle gear from The Grommet

    Dirty bike seats and freshly-pressed work clothes don’t always go hand-in-hand. CitySeat is a waterproof bike seat cover that is washable and foldable, so you can easily keep your clothes clean while adding a little bit of personality to your bike. Shop Now.

    Innovative Cycle Gear

    Siva Cycle
    Thanks to Siva Cycle, you can now power your devices while you commute to work. The Atom is a small lightweight generator that attaches to your bike and uses the energy of your spinning wheels to power up, so it can be used to charge any USB device. Shop Now.

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  • Maker Update: Haiti Projects

    When we launched Haiti Projects on The Grommet five years ago, they were already an organization we were proud to stand behind. By employing women in Haiti to make nightgowns, the mission was not only to provide them with access to income, but also education, family-planning resources, and microloans. We recently caught up with the organization and were blown away by their progress since launch.


    Haiti Projects continues to employ about 90 women, they are the second largest employer in the Fond-des-Blancs region of Haiti. This year, they provided every single employee a 3% living wage increase, and promoted five employees to supervisory positions. Over the next two years, their goal is to add an additional 100 jobs to the organization. This year, they began a beekeeping initiative which has allowed them to hire four male beekeepers and produce 50 gallons of 100% organic honey.

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  • 6 Ways to Get your brew on this National Beer Day

    Looking for good gifts for guys or the perfect gift for that beer lover in your life? We've got you covered. Oh, and April 7th is National Beer Day. These six Grommets will make your beer colder, classier, and easier to open.

    Good gifts for guys | Beer opener


    The GrabOpener turns the traditional two-handed job of opening a bottle into a simple, single-handed solution. Designed for both lefties and righties, it’s as simple as reaching out and grabbing on. Shop Now.

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  • Maker Update: Bombas Socks

    Maker Update: Bombass Socks

    Socks are the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. When Dave Heath and Randy Goldberg learned this startling fact, they knew they needed to take action. They founded Bombas Socks, a social business that donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter or disaster-stricken area for each pair purchased.

    Maker Update: Bombass Socks

    When we launched Bombas on The Grommet 12 months ago, they had donated socks to 45,000 people. Today, that number is over 275,000. And Bombas now works with 58 charitable partners around the globe, so the impact will keep growing.

    We all put our socks on one foot at a time, but Bombas adds some meaning to the routine. Remember, your purchases can (and do) shape our world.

    To learn more about Bombas watch our video here.

    Learn more about the impact of your support and read recent updates from the Makers of Lifestraw and Pebble.  

  • Nap Differently, it’s National Napping Day

    March 9th is National Napping Day, just the excuse we needed to dig up some slumber-friendly Grommets. Whether you’re trying to catch Z’s on the road or at your house, these Grommets will help you nap comfortably.

    National Napping Day

    Ostrich Pillow

    Burrow your head and arms into the cozy “cocoon” and you’ll be fast asleep in no time. Perfect for travel, the dorm, the desk, or home, the Ostrich Pillow is incredibly versatile.  You might turn some heads with the eye-catching design, but you’ll be too deep in sleep to notice. Shop Now.

    National Napping Day - Drift Light

    Drift Light

    If you have trouble “shutting down” after a long day, the Drift Light might be for you. This self-dimming light bulb gradually darkens over 37 minutes, mimicking the setting sun so you can ease your way to sleep. Shop now.

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  • Maker Update: Lifestraw.

    Every time you make a purchase or share the story behind a product on The Grommet, your support helps our Makers grow.  We often hear about the exciting things that come after their launch day and we plan to share these stories with you as well. After all, it is your support making such a big impact on their businesses and lives. We recently heard from our friends at Lifestraw about life since Grommet launch —here's what's new. 


    Since launching on The Grommet, sales took off and last October Lifestraw donated $300,000 worth of water purifiers to Kenyan schools. Thanks to you, 157,000 schoolchildren will have clean drinking water for the next five years. And Lifestraw is setting its sights on helping communities in Asia and Latin America.

    When you purchase a Lifestraw, you become a real lifesaver. That’s the impact of Buying Differently.

    To learn more about Lifestraw, watch our video here.

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