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  • Maker update: Pebble. On a mission to end poverty for women

    Every time you make a purchase or share the story behind a product on The Grommet, your support helps our Makers grow.  We often hear about the exciting things that come after their launch day and we plan to share these stories with you as well. After all, it is your support making such a big impact on their businesses and lives. We recently heard from our friends at Pebble about life since Grommet launch —here's what's new.



    Since launching on The Grommet, Pebble has been accepted into the World Fair Trade Organization. This honor is a testament to Pebble’s important work. This update from founders Austin and Samantha is a very meaningful one. Since joining forces and starting Pebble, they have worked to empower women with living-wage jobs that are close to home. Their Fair Trade jobs give women a safe, viable way to support themselves while staying close to their families.

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