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Discovery Manager at The Grommet

  • You're About to Discover the Best Holiday Gifts of the Year

    The crisp air of fall has barely set in but here at The Grommet, but we’ve been in full-swing holiday mode for months. In fact, we’ve been planning for the holiday season since this past spring. I can honestly tell you that the products we will be sharing with you this fall are nothing short of amazing. Shopping for that “perfect gift” is hard. We get that. Don’t worry, we’ve done all the running around (we’ve scouted the globe to bring you the best gift ideas).

    What can you expect in the next couple of months? How about marvels in felt, a special method for preserving precious cheeses, new ways to make fire, and even a euro chic carryall to bring holiday spirits to every party you attend.

    We’ve even turned an ordinary gift such as a scarf into the unexpected and have taken handcrafted jewelry to a whole new level by discovering new designs and materials.

    Give Differently this year with The Grommet Grommets are as surprising and delightful to give as they are to receive. This year, give differently.


    Want more? We’ll be connecting your iPad generation kid with the concept of building with their hands through some unique DIY kits, and encouraging girls to branch out beyond dolls and dress up with some unique toys made just for them.

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