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Intern at The Grommet

  • Dorm Room Bound? 6 Grommets to Bring Along

    Summer is already flying by and if you’re a college student (like me) you’re already thinking about all the things you want for your dorm room next year. And if your a parent, aunt, or grandmother, you might be looking for cool gifts for college students (you know, to send them off with a little something special).

    Have no fear, I've picked out six Grommets that will make any dorm room feel a bit more like home and help you stay on task.


    dorm room ideas - smart phone alarm clock

    Distil Union: The Snooze Alarm Dock

    Do you miss being able to slap the snooze button on your alarm clock when using your iPhone’s alarm? If so, then the Snooze Alarm Dock by Distil Union is just what you need. All you have to do is download the free snooze app and slide your phone into the dock. Then you can slap and snooze all you want before your 8am class. Shop Now

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