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Curator and Producer at Daily Grommet

  • Breakfast of Champions at The Grommet!

    Breakfast1 Morning mimosas were flowing and we had bloody mary's too!

    Company events can be pleasant...or a necessary evil. Luckily, at The Grommet it’s been an opportunity to find out who my fellow employees are outside of work. I've worked in companies where you know what people do but have no clue who they are.

    What makes The Grommet unique is that from the founders to the fulfillment team, we all enjoy each others company and care about one another once we leave this space. What’s made this connection possible are the cool events that the company and individual employees have organized: lunch with a full-band, bowling, hoops, running outings, yoga nights, and the list goes on...

    Why are events like this great for morale and team spirit? It’s because you get a complete picture of the people in your company, allowing you to de-stress together and build friendships. Recently, we had a company breakfast to honor two colleagues who were leaving us. It seemed more like a family reunion. Several members of our team whipped up a phenomenal breakfast for our 30 + crew. French crepes and mimosas were free flowing, along with a lot of good conversations about weekend plans, travel,  family, and food! Who wouldn't want to work in a place like this?

    Our Finance Director & Queen of Fulfillment  getting ready for the troops Our Finance Director & Queen of Fulfillment getting ready for the troops

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  • Behind the scenes at Toy Fair 2013

    Whether you are 3 or 43, having an opportunity to attend one of the western hemisphere's largest toy fairs is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The New York Toy Fair showcases a 150,000 toys from 92 countries and it's challenging not to get sensory overload. And while you'll see all the familiar favorites from Lego to Monopoly, what is beautiful about scouting for Daily Grommet is digging through the familiar to find those undiscovered and hidden gems. After all, we love our toys here at Grommet.

    Toy Fair 2013

    Joanne catching up with Grommet Partner, Constructive Eating

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