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Back to school tips from our Twitter pals

Believe it or not, Summer is winding down and fall is fast approaching. For many parents  the end of lazy summer days  brings the sounds of school buses and routine tasks like packing kids' lunches. Here at Daily Grommet we are very aware of that the school bells will soon be ringing. By featuring Grommets like LunchSkins (eco-friendly bags for packed lunches) and rounding up some of the best Grommets for back to school for Fox 25, we hope to help you prepare (if not just a little) more easily for the transition from late summer nights to early school mornings.

Many of us are parents and know that sometimes it "takes a village" when it comes to helping your children succeed. So, we deiced to turn to our vibrant Twitter community and ask for back to school tips to share. Like always, we were met with a great willingness to share and several great tips from folks on Twitter. Here are a few tips to (hopefully) make your back to school preparations a bit easier.

@TheGoToMom "Prepare you child emotionally. Talk about school three weeks before it starts, the fun stuff they look forward to and the concerns they may have. The goal is to get them hyped-up and excited about going back to school."

--Kimberley Clayton Blaine www.TheGoToMom.com

 @SecondHandAddic "My son was anxious about school and doesn't  like change or taking the bus. We set up a regular
schedule so I would take him to school on Mondays and pick him up at school every Wednesday and take him to a quick lunch. Doing that gave him something to look forward to. He doesn't get worked up every day anymore begging me to take him or pick him up."

-- Marion Chubon www.gone-home.com 

  @Parentella   "My best tip: Go to bed early!"

   -- Parentella was created to solve the issue of parent and educator communication at elementary, middle school and high school levels. www.parentella.com

What tips/advice do you have for the back to school madness? Share it below in a comment or tweet us @DailyGrommet!


  • Amy Says:

    Pack a waste free lunch the night before, not only will it keep your kids healthy and better focused but will save the environment too!

  • Anna Detloff Says:

    I always bought my kids clothes at the end of the season sales for the following year, except for shoes. When school time came around the clothes were already purchased and all I had to buy was misc school supplies (different teachers required different supplies each year anyways). I had 3 children in a row...so I had to figure out ways to save money! They ended up with nicer and more clothes.

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