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Back to the Roots Aquaponics Garden: let's make it happen

Back to the RootsWhen we learned about two recent college grads turning  8,000 pounds of coffee grounds into at home mushroom growing kits -- we knew there was a Grommet story waiting to be discovered. Just when the founders of Back to the Roots, Alex and Nik, thought they were headed off to careers in consulting and investment banking, they came up with the idea to create kits that allow all of us to be farmers in our own kitchens. We were thrilled to launch Back to the Roots mushrooms kits last year (and even more thrilled about growing gourmet mushroom ourselves!). During a recent visit to their Oakland, CA facility we may have spotted a new project they are working on and today, we're thrilled to help them spread the word!

These guys are at it again and we're proud to rally behind any idea they come up with (we figure if they can grow mushrooms out of coffee grounds, well they can probably do anything). Today, Alex and Nik are announcing their new Kickstarter campaign for Back to the Roots Aquaponics Garden which is a homegrown food and aquaponics accessible to everyone - families, gardeners, kids, classrooms, teachers, and foodies! The Aquaponics Garden is an elegant table-top fish tank that cleans itself & grows fresh food at the same time. A closed-loop ecosystem -- now that's pretty cool.

Take a look:

These guys need our help, check out their Kickstarter page to learn more and help them get this off the ground. They need to raise $100,000 by Decemeber 15, 2012, can we help them out? Pledge and/or share this post on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere you think we could help Nik and Alex turn their idea into a reality.






  • M.G. Says:

    Daily Grommet is constantly supporting great products, great people and great companies! We really appreciate the support!

    Thank you!

  • Melanie Says:

    I am very impressed at your Aquaponics, I was so excited I wanted to pre order one, but sadly you don't ship to Canada. I can't wait to get one, hopefully you will make it available world wide. Great Job! Let me know if there is a way for me to buy one from Montreal, Canada. I am willing to pay shipping of course.

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