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Basketballs, bubbles, and horseplay - oh my!

It was a beautiful day in Boston - cool and breezy after so many steamy ones. We shot video and kept the door open as much as we could (so nice not to need the air conditioning!).

I noticed everyone kept looking for excuses to cross our "campus" between the "main" DG house, and our satellite office across the tiny lane. I'm just looking forward to having a bit more leg room myself when we take over a few new offices upstairs next week: See where I'm storing all these Grommets for Jules' upcoming appearance on FOX25 Mornings? (If you're in the Boston area, you can tune in to catch her at 8:35 am on Tuesday, July 6).

For this month's show, I've been gathering some great "Summer Fun" Grommets. Of course, I can't stash the bigger ones under my desk, and when they're out in the open they're fair game for anyone passing by -- here's Patti jousting on the Yucycle:

Daily Grommet Behind the Scenes


And Lara even brought in her bubble machine so that we could play with the Zubbles. I made her hold it outside where it's windy to show off their non-staining excellence (notice she's wearing white pants? I'm not sure she was too happy with me for making her my model ... check out that hand on her hip!!)

Daily Grommet behind the scenes


And here's a gratuitous, semi-artistic Zubbles shot ...

Daily Grommet behind the scenes


... and a few of the Fair Trade balls that kept disappearing to people's houses (you know who you are - Kate .... Jesse).

Daily Grommet behind the scenes

But they're all back together, neatly tucked under my desk -- all except the Yucycle, that is. I'm not sure Patti's giving that one back. 

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