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Behind the scenes at Toy Fair 2013

Whether you are 3 or 43, having an opportunity to attend one of the western hemisphere's largest toy fairs is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The New York Toy Fair showcases a 150,000 toys from 92 countries and it's challenging not to get sensory overload. And while you'll see all the familiar favorites from Lego to Monopoly, what is beautiful about scouting for Daily Grommet is digging through the familiar to find those undiscovered and hidden gems. After all, we love our toys here at Grommet.

Toy Fair 2013

Joanne catching up with Grommet Partner, Constructive Eating

I traveled with our Co-Founder Joanne Domeniconi, who peruses the aisles with the meticulousness of a detective with an eye for the unique and innovative. She stopped to talk to toy makers big and small. In fact, she spent time with first-time show presenters who were doing their first inventory runs to get a sense of their business and gave them advice on next steps from pricing to packaging. It's exciting to speak with early-stage companies and be part of their development and growth, and see them evolve into a possible Grommets. Launching new products is one of our sweet spots and Joanne scoured every inch of the fair seeking out new product developers with the aim to get their innovations in front of customers, so stay tuned!


What was new and exciting trends and products at the Toy Fair? Take a look...


Kidult: The rise of grown-up toys was definitely a theme at this year's show. We saw variations on mind games, technology loaded toys, action figures, and hobby kits that were geared to mom and dad rather than junior.



flying device you control with your hand

Mr. Roboto: Robots were around every corner and ranged from smartphone-driven robots, soft-toys, bugs, and fish.

This one moves and swims just like a real fish

Bling'd: Bling is no longer just for Snookie and Beyonce, but is being rolled-out for fashion-forward tweens. Check out Bling 2.0!


Green Innovation: It was great to see green/eco-friendly toys everywhere at the show and new innovations on the green front.


Toymaker Plan Toys uses Planwood, which is an eco-friendly non-composite wood made from saw dust.


Grommet worthy: Finding those unusual, inspired, undiscovered, and brilliant toys is our raison d'être and we managed to uncover a few special ones.


The creator of this tree house uses sustainable reclaimed wood. He came up with the concept after seeing his son playing with wood scraps.

Keep your eye on your daily email -- you'll see that we've discovered many great finds at the Toy Fair. Here's one more fun one for you:


The ultimate balance board for kids that rides, slide, flips, and spins

I'm already counting the days until Toy Fair 2014!






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