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Hidden Passions Here at Daily Grommet

Daily Grommet passion for discoveryWe're always spotlighting passionate people at Daily Grommet ... from scientists, to philanthropists, to crafters like Daily Grommet's Kate Reynolds McLeod. In honor of today's fitness-inspired Grommet (the Helix Lateral Aerobics Trainer), and the mad month ahead, Chris Bednarz, Daily Grommet Discovery Team writer and the blogger known as "Dr. Hoops," shares his passion with us.

Hoop Daydreaming, by Chris Bednarz

 I’m very happy this morning. I’ve got the first of many cups of my favorite mud, and I’m staring at my favorite college basketball website. Today is the day I’ll make my picks for the NCAA basketball tournament – also known as March Madness and the Big Dance.

The greatest three weekends in sports are just around the corner. The drama, chaos and uncertainty of the whole thing are addictive -- 64 teams and a million dreams. For better or worse, I’m a complete college basketball junkie. (I often wonder if I could have been a brain surgeon or maybe a senator if I hadn't spent so much time watching college basketball in my formative years.)

Most of you have probably filled out those NCAA tournament brackets, too. And if you haven't, give it a try. You'll probably do better picking the winners than the so-called experts like me. Plus it’s a great way to connect with people.

"Hey, Joe from accounting, I know we haven't spoken in a year, but didn't you go to Wofford College, the South Carolina school that just got its first ever bid to the NCAA tournament?"

Want to get to know the barista at your local java joint? Ask which is hotter -- that mocha or the Maryland Terrapins.

Behind the Scenes: Chris BednarzTrying to connect with the teenage son who rarely speaks? Ask him if he thinks the talented but young Kentucky Wildcats will get upset in the early rounds. (Hey, he might at least text you his answer.) Or ask your mother-in-law if she thinks the UConn women's team is the greatest dynasty since John Wooden's UCLA Bruins. 

The possibilities are endless.

So grab a bracket, fill it out and join a pool. Pick the teams however you want. Like their mascot? Good. Like the color of their uniforms? Better. Like the way they play defense? Best. It really doesn't matter how you choose, because you’ll like the way you feel watching the hopes and dreams of these 64 teams play out on the court.

Enjoy the dance.


  • Julia Says:

    Chris, my friend, the Wildcats will never be upset! And we have tickets, so they definitely better not get upset! :-)

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