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Being a LEGO Spy

I just couldn't resist a tour of the Lego booth at the Toy Fair in New York City.  As a kid my brother was obsessed with Legos.  Now my two sons, nephews, and nieces are all huge fans.  LEGOs are one of those toys that you really never outgrow and I noticed that Lego fans are fanatical and can span the ages. There are websites and blogs like brickzone.net that speculate when new sets will arrive and provide support groups for custom designs. I was giddy to see the new products and get the inside scoop.  Upon checking in at the LEGO booth, I was greeted with, "I can't wait to tell my mother I got to hang with a Daily Grommet girl today".  OK, that had nothing to do with Legos but it did make the Lego tour even better.


Here's what I got to see inside the secret booth filled with new Lego sets for 2011.  A cool Alien Mothership (7065) from the Alien Conquest series that actually has a sound brick and a handle so kids can run around and fly the space ship.  I understand that this is the first building set to make sound. I like how Lego listened to its customers and added an arm or handle so kids can actually play with the building sets.

new lego sets 2011

This is a picture of the New Cars 2 Legos series that is co-branded with Disney.  These sets will launch in May right around the time of the movie.  Notice the black boxes.  Yes I got to see what will be coming soon.

Lego - Pirates

Lego is also partnering with the Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides movie (available in May).  Again, look closely at the box with the words "Confidential" on it.

Lego - farm

This is the first chicken and goat for Lego from the Kingdoms series (available in August).

new products - legos

The Space Center set from the City series (available in August) was designed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle. I hate to admit it but I can remember back to April 12, 1981 when the first space shuttle was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to orbit the earth for the first time.  I love that Lego is celebrating a little bit of history and sharing that with our children.

After getting the inside scoop about what's next in Lego world, I had an incredible dream to be able to partner with Lego and help them launch a new line.   Can you imagine if Daily Grommet got to help launch the next new Lego designed building series.   I would be the coolest mom, aunt, friend ever.

What is/was your favorite LEGO series ever?


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