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Best Grilling Recipes + 4 Grilling Tools You Need Now

The weather is on a warming trend which has us on the hunt for the best grilling recipes to try out this season. So far our mouth is watering over this BBQ-brushed plank grilled salmon and these grilled tomato "lollipops." Do you have any must-try grilling recipes? Be sure to leave them in the comments below.

We're creating our grilling wishlist and sharing our four new grilling tools recently launched on The Grommet. Check them out below.


Grilling Gifts | The Grommet

The Great Scrape

Now, there's a safe, simple way to avoid charred debris and buildup on the grates of your grill. The Great Scrape is an all natural BBQ cleaning tool with custom grooves that wear over time for a perfect fit with any grill. Shop Now

Grilling Gifts from The Grommet


Grilled to perfection doesn’t happen by chance. It requires careful watch, attention to detail...and light. A dishwasher safe spatula with an LED light built into the handle makes grilling a breeze, day and night. Shop Now

New Grilling Gifts from The Grommet



Frequent grillers know all about the inconveniences of backyard barbecuing. Food sticks to the grill, small pieces fall through the gaps, and marinades get lost to the flames. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Cookina is a  flexible nonstick surface that can withstand heat up to 500 degrees. Foods don't stick so you use less oil. Mats can go right on the grill. Shop Now

Grilling gifts he'll love



Grilling with a beer in hand?  Chillsner maintains the temperature of your beer from inside the bottle. Unlike ice, it won’t melt and dilute the taste. Simply freeze for 45 minutes, take a sip of beer to make room for the Chillsner, place it inside the bottle, and savor every refreshingly cool sip. Grill on friends.  Shop Now

 Are you ready to man the grill? Tell us in the comments what's our your grilling menu this season.


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    The Chillsner looks like something I might need to invest in for the Mr.

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