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Blu2Green: Medford, MA

What is it?

Repurposed hospital fabrics

Read more about this product straight from the founders below!

Product Description: 

Our products are all about functionality.  With the help of our creative engine Marissa Lenti, we are setting out to create multiple products with an innovative twist!  We make easy wash placemats with silverware pouches, shopping bags with specific compartments for eggs, milk, etc., and are in the process of designing a sand-draining beach bag!  We create all of our products using recycled hospital blue wrap that is 100% sterile as it never sees the operating room.  We hire special needs individuals to sew our products to provide gainful employment for those in need.

Twitter Handle: @Blu2GreenLLC

Team Bio:

Blu2Green is a business that recycles sanitary surgical blue wrap from hospitals that employs special needs individuals to sew it into sustainable products. The business was started by Christopher Bodkin (11’) and Gavin Bodkin (09’), two brothers from New Hampshire that became aware of the massive amount of surgical blue wrap that was being burned or displaced into landfills. Being recent college graduates in the fields of environmental policy and environmental science the Bodkin brothers wanted to create a business that is not only environmentally aware but socially responsible.  That is why they are dedicated to giving jobs to people whom it is hard to get gainful employment. Through the collaboration with the Central Massachusetts Employment Collaborative and the Seven Hills Foundation, Blu2Green has the opportunity to employ developmentally disabled and physically disabled individuals to re-purpose blue wrap into products such as tote bags, ties, wine bags, coin purses, placemats and more.

There are some other integral parts of the Blu2Green team. Our marketing intern Lauren Kroll has helped Blu2Green immensely; she is a senior at Emerson College and is a rising talent in the field of digital marketing. Our head seamstress Marissa Lenti is our creative guru when it comes to the products we are designing. She comes up with all of the prototypes and creates detailed production instructions for our employees. She is an extremely talented seamstress with a vivid imagination and the skills to put her imagination into sustainable prototypes.  Jonathan Bodkin is our business advisor who has helped us begin to create a business plan that allows us to hash out the fiscal future of Blu2Green.

The whole Blu2Green team is dedicated to creating a business that is environmentally aware and socially responsible.  We believe in the ideal of the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit.  Blu2Green is trying to create products that do not negatively impact the environment and influence the social atmosphere of America positively.

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