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Maker Update: Bombas Socks

Maker Update: Bombass Socks

Socks are the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. When Dave Heath and Randy Goldberg learned this startling fact, they knew they needed to take action. They founded Bombas Socks, a social business that donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter or disaster-stricken area for each pair purchased.

Maker Update: Bombass Socks

When we launched Bombas on The Grommet 12 months ago, they had donated socks to 45,000 people. Today, that number is over 275,000. And Bombas now works with 58 charitable partners around the globe, so the impact will keep growing.

We all put our socks on one foot at a time, but Bombas adds some meaning to the routine. Remember, your purchases can (and do) shape our world.

To learn more about Bombas watch our video here.

Learn more about the impact of your support and read recent updates from the Makers of Lifestraw and Pebble.  


  • Peter Shaw Says:

    Awesome numbers!!!

  • Jane Says:

    Is this the only place I can purchase the Bomba sock?

  • Dan Says:

    I am happy to do what I can to get socks for homeless folks. I bought two pairs of these socks. I am not a fan of ankle socks. I wish you had crew length socks.

  • Margaret Says:

    I think you are wonderful! How do we buy these and how could we donate?

  • jean Says:

    Awesome idea - I'll buy a bunch when you have crew socks back as a possibility.

  • Celtmaid Says:

    Bombas socks rock! They are comfortable and stylish and I love their mission. I will "bee" buying more from them.

  • Patricia Says:

    I would like to try them when crew socks are available. Thank you for your compassion by donating socks. It renews one's faith in humanity.

  • Melissa Roberson Says:

    This is a great charitable cause! Keep up the good work!

  • Clare Says:

    I just purchased my first 2 pairs of Bombas and LOVE these socks They are great for light hiking and stay put on your feet. The "honeycomb" support is really comfy and there are Great color choices

  • Kristin Says:

    Thanks, @Margaret! We think you're wonderful, too. You can purchase the socks here, and Bombas will donate a pair of socks for each pair you buy. www.thegrommet.com/bombas-socks-performance-socks-for-good-choose-any-2

  • P C Says:

    Ditto on the need for a crew sock offering....I'd buy a ton as unique gifts

  • Beverly Says:

    Where do I get these socks?

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Beverly, You can get them right on The Grommet here: https://www.thegrommet.com/bombas-socks-performance-socks-for-good

  • Russell Urzi Says:

    Fantastic idea. If you have crew socks I will buy a few.

  • Karla McGowan Says:

    I'd like to buy large (big) slipper socks, with slip free bottoms. I need cruise, soft soft, no slipping. Made for the sick and elderly. I need six pair, very colorful so the sickly will feel happy. I'm giving them to hospitals. Do your magic and they will have MAGIC SOCKS=Thanks

  • Kay Martin Says:

    I agree with Karla McGowan as so many elderly in hospitals and nursing homes are almost always very cold due to age and inactivity. God bless you for all the good that you do.

  • JanMarie Says:

    I love Bombas. They are soft, comfortable and fit my feet perfectly. They "hug" my feet in the middle so they never slip down or rotate on my feet.Try them and you'll never go back to other brands.

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