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Breezy beach memories and a desire to help

I grew up (as my children are now growing up) in sunny California. The most fond memories of my childhood include the smell of sea salt in the air and chasing sand crabs by the shore. The beach isn't just someplace we "go;" for my family, it has always served as a place you can "be." Be at peace, be in clarity, and be a part of something bigger -- the ocean's glory.

As the images of the recent oil spill began to emerge, I felt sickened, like many who have seen them. Although I am removed from the direct physical encounters of the oil soaked shores here on the West coast, I am emotionally touched by the horrific photos being captured. These images brought back a memory of an experience I had as a teen during marine biology camp where we were challenged to remove oil from a ducks wing. That experience shook me. The only thing that worked was Dawn dish soap. I remember feeling sick then but this picture amplified that memory x 100.

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

So although I may only be experiencing this catastrophic event through these oil soaked images, I cannot help but wonder if one day I could see these same oil-filled waves breaking on our CA shore.

image via MSN.com

image via MSN.com

And if this is the footprint we are leaving behind

oil filled beaches

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Sometimes it's easy to feel helpless ... I found myself wondering, what can I really do?  Then I found out that the Grommet team had also been asking this question and trying to find a way to contribute. In doing so, they've found a way to give back and to support the mission of preserving our oceans -- we can't wait to share it with you. You can find out more about this compelling Grommet on the Daily Grommet website on Friday, July 2, at 12pm EST. Trust me:  you won't want to miss it.


  • Jules Says:

    Tori, having grown up in the city, I never saw the ocean until I was 15. I will never forget my totally primordial and mesmerized first reaction to the whole experience.

    But you just brought it to light for me in a new way when you made the simple statement that for you the beach is not a place to "go", but a place to "be." That is profound and put the beach in a whole new light for me, as someone who still rarely gets to "go" to a beach.

    I am so happy about this upcoming Grommet...not for the reason we need to do it, but that we are.

  • Claire Says:

    Some of my first baby pictures are of a blond, potbellied child on Biloxi Beach. We were there in early May for a funeral just after the oil spill started, but the beaches were pristine then. The Gulf Coast still hasn't recovered from Katrina, and this hits. Maybe this second disaster can be a focal point for economic development.

  • Oceana Identifies Ways to Help the Gulf Oil Spill « Mom it Forward Says:

    [...] “What can we do?” began to echo through many of our thoughts—I know this to be true for me anyway. The powerful thing is, great communities (like the one here at Mom It Forward) do find ways to [...]

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