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Brimfield Antique Show

Our team here at Daily Grommet would love to be at every cool event happening across the country. We'd scour fairs, trade shows, and markets all day, every day if we could. But unfortunately we can't exactly be in every cool place. What we love though, is when our Grommet friends and fellow "finders" share their expeditions with us. We are alway eager to hear your first-hand accounts of what cool stuff you've discovered.

Today, we are thrilled to share what our pal Cynthia Bogart, Editor for The Daily Basics , recently experienced at the Brimfield Antique Show.

by Cynthia

Kelley L Moore -Brimfield Antique Show

Kelley L Moore finding Jadite

If you always wanted to go the Brimfield Antique Show (the largest outdoor antique fair of its kind . . . anywhere) but haven’t, you might want to live vicariously through 80 tweeting Interior Design bloggers plus Kelley L. Moore, lifestyle expert on the Nate Berkus Show and Brian Kelsey, radio personality on Kelsey On The House on Martha Stewart Radio. They all got together last week to meet IRL (that’s tweet talk for In Real Life) at the #Brimfield Tweet-up (twittereze for get-together) to shop for antique finds together and talk about trends and what’s going on in the world of antiques.

This year the bloggers noticed a few things.

1. Brimfield was hopping! It was filled with great vendors and it looked as though everyone was finding the fabulous, the ridiculous and the stuff from which dreams are made.



2. People were buying! Maybe it was because of a good economy, or because everyone was looking for a good deal in this.... bad economy. No matter. They were passing the green and supporting great design.

Swedish furniture from Lone Ranger Antiques

3. There were definite stand out trends. Gustavian Swedish, paint peeling architectural elements, garden accessories and vintage leather furniture were aplenty. Exquisite vintage jewelry, linens and lace and good quality furniture -- abounded as usual!

Deidre Drewes from Steuben, Julie Browning Bova from Julie Bova Interior Designs and Pandora de Balthazar in one of the beds set up in Pandora’s tent

The Belle of the Ball was Pandora de Balthazar who held court in her air conditioned castle and when you entered, she put you right into a bed filled with Hungarian down and antique starched lace shams and sheets. Once you got into that bed - it was hard to get out.

Over at the #Brimfield Social Media Tweet Up tent, Kelley L Moore and Brian Kelsey teamed up to do a project for the #Brimfield Tweet-up which involved great finds and creative designs.  This was definitely a highlight of our Brimfield experience.

 Be sure to stop by tomorrow and we'll share their #Brimfield design challenge video with you!


  • Jeanne Says:

    Looks like this year was more amazing than ever, Cynthia. I LOVE the Brimfield fair and Jen Lockwood and I were so disappointed we couldn't make it out there to treasure hunt and see you all. Next year nothing will stop us! Looking forward to tomorrow's video - thanks for sharing your experience with us

  • Ellen Cagnassola Says:

    After seeing all the crazy cool stuff in pics and video I need to buy another house so I have a place to put new stuff! I'm planning on coming in Sept!

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