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Bring on the Turkey! Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

It's that time of year again, when we sit at our desks and hit up Google in search of  Thanksgiving decor ideas or flock to Pinterest to find the best apple pie recipe. If you're like me the holiday season sneaks up on you despite your good intentions of planning ahead. Thankfully we know the experts when it comes to cooking the best holiday meal and setting a welcoming table. Today, we're leaning on our friend Coryanne from Kitchen Living with Coryanne for her kitchen-wizardry and Turkey Day experience.

So, pull up a seat and get ready to feel just a tad more prepared for your upcoming Thanksgiving meal. Coryanne has our back!

Coryanne shares Thanksgiving tips with The GrommetWhat advice would you give to the novice Thanksgiving host/hostess preparing their big meal?

Regardless if it is Thanksgiving or your fist dinner party, the advice is always the same, remember that your guests come for the connection, not the food and decor. Too many people get tied up in the tiny details and forget that the elements your guest will remember are not the gold dusted pumpkins, but the conversation, the laughter and how relaxed you were as host. That said, a little planning, a carefully thought out seating plan, a full pantry of goodies should the turkey burn, and a place for each generation to enjoy themselves is key to ensuring that you are as relaxed as your guests.

What kitchen tool or appliance could you NOT live without when it comes to preparing for Turkey Day?

Without a doubt my collection of pairing knives. I use them as peelers, choppers, drink stirrers, cake testers, really anything that is within reach. The best thing is to use them to pierce that sweet spot between the breast and thigh of your turkey, if the juices run clean then you know that your bird is done. Without them I would be lost in the kitchen.

What recipe are you most excited to whip up this holiday?

Can you keep a secret? Chocolate mouse. So not traditional by any stretch of the imagination but my son Sawyer really wants to learn how to make one and anytime I can get him involved in cooking is a win for me, so rather than pumpkin pie, we are serving chocolate mouse this year. Mind you, I may have to sneak in a pie because how can you have a midnight feast on Thanksgiving without a cold slice of pumpkin pie?

Thank you Coryanne for stopping by The Grommet to kick us into gear this holiday season! For more Thanksgiving tips, check out these 10 tips for hosting your first Thanksgiving Dinner courtesy of Coryanne. 

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