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Bringing the Grommet Community Together

Here at Daily Grommet, community is one of the most important things; whether its connecting with the inventors of the products we feature, or using past Grommets to aid in the production of newer videos.
One of the best examples of this is our recent feature of SwiMP3. SwiMP3, a revolutionary new way to bring your favorite music with you while you swim, actually got to be shown in use. Our videos here at Daily Grommet take a lot of planning and work; take it underwater and you’ve got some additional problems.
Thanks to the multitude of products we have featured here at Daily Grommet, taking a non-waterproof camera underwater was no sweat. Remember Aquapac? Aquapac’s innovative water proof technology allows any camera, phone or electronic device to take a swim and not get damaged in the process.
Aquapac’s technology allowed us to fully capture how innovative the SwiMP3 is - relying on bone conduction technology, its like you have your own concert underwater!
Aquapac wasn’t the only part of the our Grommet community we got to use. Another part of the community that we got to use was to do with the location. Obviously, we needed a swimming pool, and that’s the one thing we don’t have at our new office location! Marjolein Brugman, a fitness expert and founder of LighterLiving, welcomed us into her backyard for the filming of SwiMP3. You probably remember LighterLiving when we featured it back in May; her all natural Probiotic Bars and VegeLight mix give you a healthier, more natural way to snack. Involving a past contributor to Daily Grommet was a great opportunity for us to keep our community vision going strong.
Speaking of community, take the music that was playing while the camera was rolling. Wald Productions introduced us to the Beach Project. I know that before we did the video, I had never heard of them. Now that Daily Grommet has introduced me to them, I love listening to them while I’m reading a book or relaxing. I really like ‘This is a Message’ and ‘And They Say’ from their new album, Queen of Hearts.
See what I mean? One simple video for SwiMP3 ended up bringing new and old members of the greater Grommet community together.

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