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Can a Gift Make or Break Your Relationship?

How important are gifts in life and relationships? Pretty important, we found.

The Grommet recently conducted research with SWNS Digital and OnePoll about gift gifting.  With 10 questions we asked 2,000 people in the US how much they spent on gifts,  how they reacted when given gifts, and what are the worst gifts they've ever received. We thought The Grommet community would enjoy seeing the research results as well.
For those of us who are shopping for Father's Day gifts, note the study found it takes six days to find the perfect gift, so...it's time to get shopping.
Don't be regifted! The Grommet shares research about gift gifting to help you be the best gift giver around!


If you're looking for a unique gift to give this Father's Day, we've got plenty. Browse Father's Day gifts, here.


  • Richard Haven Says:

    Of course one says, "Thank you" !

    Why did 3 out of 4 not show appreciation ? One does not have to say that one loves it to be civil.

  • Susie Says:

    Fairly accurate, I think.Also when you get it early or late.

  • Kate Says:

    I think any gift deserves a thank you. After all, it is the thought that counts. If you use your opinion of the gift as a guide, maybe you don't deserve the gift after all>

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