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  • A Look Ahead at 2018

    Our product discovery team has already been hard at work finding innovative, Grommet-worthy products to share with you in 2018. We sat down with our product experts to get the scoop on the types of products you’ll be seeing this year.


    Smart Kitchen is here to stay, and we are seeing more and more companies come up with new ways of perfecting the way we cook, bake, grill etc. by infusing everyday activities with technology that makes our lives easier. With that being said the most successful smart kitchen products have to solve a common problem in a different and more effective way and be an affordable price.

    The health benefits and the ease of home preparation of fermented foods will continue to be a big trend and we see so many Makers coming out with DIY solutions. It’s nice to see a revival of something that has been used by many for centuries make a comeback and continue to grow.

    Taking everyday products and reinventing them. We are seeing a resurgence of this within home and housewares. When you can take something that already exists and re-design it to make it better and solve a widespread consumer problem, it's powerful.


    The technology category continues to redefine itself as electronics spread to all product categories and give more focus to niche categories. Finding ways for technology to infuse itself with everyday tasks and make our lives a little more convenient is going to be our focus.

    While the fidget spinner craze came and went quickly this year, we do anticipate continued interest in out-of-the box ready to play toys. I'm expecting 2018 to move away from the learn-to-code STEM toy and focus more heavily on interactive toys that seamlessly mesh the digital and physical worlds. Mixed realities (Augmented and Virtual) will likely see deeper development.

    We are expecting a number of shifts in the hardware and tool space for 2018. Naturally, this lends itself to connected products enhancing our ability to build, tinker, and improve our homes. We also anticipate re-designs of familiar tools that will continue to shrink, become stronger, and more efficient than those prior.

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  • Come See What We Found For the Holidays

    What are you searching for this holiday season? A better gift? A more unique one? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’ve come to the right place.

    All year long our Discovery team tracks down products with something that sets them apart. As of this writing, we’ve revealed over 300 products in 2017. That’s over 24,000 hours to find you products that stand up as the best of the best.

    Each product has been tested by the Grommet team so you know your mom, dad, brother, sister, significant other, family member, and/or friend will get a gift that’s been vetted and approved. You see, most stores are only concerned with getting you to buy what they’re selling, but at The Grommet, we’re focused on bringing you products worth buying.

    And with your help, we’re trying to build a world where better ideas win. It starts this holiday season.

    You’ve probably seen a few of those better ideas mysteriously wrapped up on our site, on social media, or across the internet. If you’ve been wondering what they are, allow us to unwrap a couple of them.

    When opened, this curiously shaped package reveals a friendly robot that helps teach kids how to code.

    Rip this intriguing present open and it will delight anyone who enjoys a scoop or an entire pint of ice cream. This ergonomic ice cream scoop allows you to enjoy that ice cream right out of the freezer without straining your wrist.


    Think you know what all our gifts are? Our Guess the Gift sweepstakes starts Tuesday, November 28th. Each Tuesday and Thursday our daily email will feature a wrapped gift for you to guess. Enter your guess for a chance to win. We’ll unwrap the gift each Wednesday and Friday.

    Subscribe to our daily email here and put on your detective hat. Good luck!

    Also, we’d love to hear what you’ve thought about our new holiday campaign. Have you been sitting with baited breath to discover what these mystery gifts are? Leave a comment below!

  • 5 Bento Lunch Products To Make Life Easier

    It's time for kids to head back to school, which also means time to start packing school lunches again. If you find yourself in a lunch-packing-rut, consider sending them to school with a bento lunch box. You can include their favorite foods along with healthy snacks–while reducing packaging and extra containers.

    We've rounded up five bento solutions perfect for school or the office (because parents should enjoy healthy lunches too).

    5 Bento lunch products to make life easier discovered by The Grommet. Pack snacks, soup, and juices–bento style with these new products.

    1. Leak-Proof Children's Lunch Box

    Pack a healthy little buffet and each food stays separate. Easy to carry, easy to clean, and no need for multiple containers.
    Buy now: $27.95 


    5 Bento lunch products to make life easier discovered by The Grommet. Pack snacks, soup, and juices–bento style with these new products.

    2. Lunch Box Rectangle

    Simple meets functional with this BPA-free lunch box. With a divider for separating food and lockdown clips to create a tight seal, it’s easy to pack a sandwich, yogurt, or even sauce-topped pasta for on-the-go meals.
    Buy now: Starting at $11.95 


    5 Bento lunch products to make life easier discovered by The Grommet. Pack snacks, soup, and juices–bento style with these new products.

    3. Thermo Pot

    Keep your lunch piping hot with the Thermo Pot. The cork lid is easy to grip, while being a great insulator to stop heat or cold from escaping.
    Buy now: $39.95 


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  • 5 Unique Kitchen Gadgets

    These unique kitchen gadgets will give you a helping hand when prepping, cooking, and serving. Whether you're looking to up our kitchen game, or looking for a unique gift for the cook in your life, these innovative products do the trick.

    Unique kitchen gadgets from The Grommet


    1. Clip-On Strainer

    Clip this silicone strainer right on the pot to drain without needing to transfer your food. Its low profile stores easily when you’re done.
    Buy now: $12.95


    Unique kitchen gadgets from The Grommet

    2. Silicone Cleaning Sleeve

    These silicone scrubbers clean, de-lint, and even exfoliate. They’re a non-toxic, antibacterial, and reusable way to clean anything from dishes to fruits to you.
    Buy now: $19.95


    Unique kitchen gadgets from The Grommet

    3. Silicone Splatter Guard

    Keep fry spatter from spraying your stove, walls, and clothing. With this silicone guard, food goes from your pan to your plate.
    Buy now: $21.95

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  • 10 Dorm Essentials To Help You Master College Life

    Heading off to college and making a packing list? Whether you'll be living on-campus or sharing a place off-campus, these unique products will help you decorate your dorm, stay organized, and enjoy your new space. We've rounded up our favorite dorm room essentials that will help you master your new college life.

    We've rounded up our favorite dorm room essentials that will help you master your new college life.

    1. Iced Beverage Sleeves

    If you're not a coffee consumer now, you very well maybe once you get to college. Let iced drinks quench your thirst (and fuel that study session), not your hands by using these iced beverages sleeves. To-go iced drinks are now drip-free, thanks to this neoprene drink sleeve.

    Buy Now: $15.95

    We've rounded up our favorite dorm room essentials that will help you master your new college life.

    2. The New Generation of Bean Bags

    You'll want a comfy place to hit the books, and a Yogibo is the perfect addition to any study space. Sink into these snug chairs and cushions—the near-frictionless beads are packed in soft, stretchy spandex. It conforms to your body, like a hug.

    Buy Now: $239

    We've rounded up our favorite dorm room essentials that will help you master your new college life.

    3. Outlet Adapter with USB

    Don't fight over outlets. This USB adapter cube has two USB ports, four outlets, plus four travel adapter plugs for the ability to power up in most countries. Use it in your dorm and take it with you on that study abroad trip.
    Buy Now: $17.95

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  • The Future of Made in the USA

    This week we’re celebrating Makers with products Made in the USA. At The Grommet, we see American manufacturing through the lens of the final product. So we recently attended a conference held by the Urban Manufacturing Alliance to see the progress being made in American manufacturing on the ground floor. Here are the issues we dug into.

    Access to Capital.  2.7% of female founders receive VC funding and it’s even less for minority business owners. The group advocated for alternative methods of financing like crowd funding and impact loans that have more generous results and are very effective in lifting small businesses off the ground.

    Physical Space. To combat this issue, cities and facilities are meeting in the middle. San Francisco has begun rolling out modular manufacturing spaces and across the country, micro-factories are popping up for companies looking at producing smaller batches of products before full-scale production.

    Education. Creating a product has never been easier, but many Makers enter the manufacturing world with limited knowledge. Manufacturers are being trained to help Makers understand this new realm regardless of their background. For the next generation, schools are focusing on technology and entrepreneurship programs. Two examples of that happening in Boston: BUILD and Fab Labs 4 America.

    Inclusivity. Entrepreneurship and the American Dream are evolving on a cultural level so policymakers and business leaders must make inclusivity a priority. Minority business owners seek representatives that look like them at the decision-making table. The more hurdles they face, the less likely they are to succeed and make an impact on their community. Beyond economic, it’s a trust-building issue. As the business world grows more diverse, that trust becomes more vital.

    There is plenty more we can and will dig into. If you have any stories or resources, we'd love to hear about them.

    And now, here are some of the American-made products from our site that are helping to make more American-made products possible.


    1. Mobile guitar lessons

    Made in South Dakota, Jamstik+ lets you learn how to play the guitar at your own speed. The guitar neck complete with strings and frets plays through your iPhone, iPad, or Mac with free downloadable lessons.
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  • 7 Ways to Master the Grill

    It's grilling season time and if you're looking to become the master of the grill, these seven products will get you one step closer. From innovative ways to clean the grates, to shaping the perfect patty, these products will help make grilling easier and more enjoyable.

    The Grommet discovers seven products that will turn you into a grill master this summer. The best BBQ tools and gadgets for your next cookout.


    1.Barbeque Cleaning Tool

    Put an end to grimy grates and metal wire cleaners with an all-natural scraper grill cleaner that molds to your grill for custom cleanup. It's customizable and Made in the USA, too.

    Buy Now: Starting at $19.95

    The Grommet discovers seven products that will turn you into a grill master this summer. The best BBQ tools and gadgets for your next cookout.

    2. Lift and Carve Shredding Fork

    Shred meat or lift and carve roasts like a pro. These American-made meat shredding claws have super sharp prongs and a durable, ergonomic design.

    Buy Now: $12.95

    The Grommet discovers seven products that will turn you into a grill master this summer. The best BBQ tools and gadgets for your next cookout.

    3. Double Helix Grill Brush

    This bristle free BBQ brush cleans your grill, safely. There are no metal bristles that could shed and end up in your food.

    Buy Now: $15.95

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  • 12 Made in the USA Pet Products

    Looking for the best products for your four-legged friends? We've discovered (and thoroughly tested) 12 Made in the USA pet products so you don't have to. From things your pet needs everyday, to special treats and fun toys, there's something  here for every dog and cat.

    Made in the USA pet products - Silidog

    Silent Pet Tag

    Having identification tags on your pet’s collar is always a good idea, but, boy, can they be noisy. These silicone pet tags are jingle-free, fade-free, and full of personality. Customize these silicone dog tags for your furry best friend.


    Made in the USA pet products - Whisker+Box

    Compression Cat Box

    If you've got a cat, you know they love snuggling up in small spaces. This Made in the USA, collapsible compression cat box is just the right size for your cat to get cozy—and it's much cuter and more functional than a cardboard box.


    Made in the USA pet products - West Paw Dog Beds

    Handcrafted Dog Beds

    These machine washable dog beds are the best bed for your dog—and the earth. They're easy to machine wash and dry and are Made in the USA of eco-friendly materials. Continue Reading

  • Talking Week of Making with The Grommet Founders

    jules joanneThe National Week of Making is an annual celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit. It highlights "the diversity of Makers big and small, young and old, urban and rural" throughout the country. It honors the DIYers, tinkerers, inventors, and innovators.

    You probably know someone who fits into one of those categories. This week — and for the rest of the year — you can join the Nation of Makers in supporting, engaging, and promoting individuals and organizations who are creating the next generation of products and opportunities for Makers of all ages.

    This week also marks the three-year anniversary of the inaugural National Maker Faire at the White House where The Grommet co-founders, Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, unveiled The Grommet Wholesale.

    On this rebroadcasted episode, Jules and Joanne discuss what prompted the start of The Grommet and the struggles and triumphs of building it, the power of an engaged community, their experience at the National Maker Faire, and the future of the Maker Movement.



    Like what you hear? Listen to the rest of the Meet the Maker Podcast series here then rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes

  • Can a Gift Make or Break Your Relationship?

    How important are gifts in life and relationships? Pretty important, we found.

    The Grommet recently conducted research with SWNS Digital and OnePoll about gift gifting.  With 10 questions we asked 2,000 people in the US how much they spent on gifts,  how they reacted when given gifts, and what are the worst gifts they've ever received. We thought The Grommet community would enjoy seeing the research results as well.
    For those of us who are shopping for Father's Day gifts, note the study found it takes six days to find the perfect gift, so...it's time to get shopping.
    Don't be regifted! The Grommet shares research about gift gifting to help you be the best gift giver around!


    If you're looking for a unique gift to give this Father's Day, we've got plenty. Browse Father's Day gifts, here.

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