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Category: Product Launch

  • Packaging Design Tips for Your New Product

    New consumer products are entering the market at an increasingly rapid rate. Thanks to crowdfunding platforms and the accessibility and affordability of prototyping, it’s never been easier to launch a product.

    What most entrepreneurs don’t realize is that after the PR and sales high of crowdfunding or initial run of success wears off, sales typically slow. If you find yourself at this point, it’s time to start planning for “what’s next.”

    Packaging Design

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  • Makers Who Made It: 100 Stories of Starting a Business

    This past summer, as we were coming up on The Grommet’s seventh birthday in October, we had many conversations about all that The Grommet and our Makers had accomplished since it began in 2008—and wondering how to better document it.

    Even though The Grommet has been telling the stories behind the products for many years, we realized we wanted to tell the stories behind our Makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs—and the idea of publishing our very first book was born.

    Makers Who Made It: 100 Stories of Starting a Business is the result. We asked Grommet Makers to answer a series of questions about how, when, and why they developed a product. We required they answer one dozen questions—with the option to answer an additional 20 questions—and the answers starting flowing in.

    The Grommet ebook for Makers

    We were all impressed how so many of the contributors were so generous with their time (we know how busy they are!), with many answering far more questions than what we requested. They went above and beyond, sharing information on a wide variety of personal and professional topics to help give a complete picture on how to start and grow their own small business. Continue Reading

  • Next Stop: NY NOW

    After spending the past few weeks on the road (with stops at Atlanta's AmericasMart and the Dallas Market, and an upcoming LA Mart exhibit), our team is soon headed to exhibit at NY NOW. Our first Wholesale exhibit at NY NOW was last August (see the recap here), and we're excited to be back for the winter market.

    The Grommet and NY NOW

    Our team will be on-site featuring a curated selection of products across several categories; each created by independent Makers. We're looking forward to connecting with Main Street Retailers from across the country and sharing the stories behind our products with them. Attendees will be able to browse and shop The Grommet Wholesale from the showroom floor of NY NOW™. 

    The Grommet Wholesale at NY NOW

    The Grommet Wholesale Exhibit January 31 - February 4, 2015

    Booth NC1 (in the north concourse lobby)

    The Grommet Co-Founder and Chief Discovery Officer, Joanne Domeniconi will speak during  Seminar: Modern-Day Matchmaking Redux: Tech Tools for 21st Century Makers Sunday, February 1, 12:00 Noon, Javits Center, 1A02-03

    Moderated by Susan Szenasy, publisher and editor of METROPLOIS, this seminar features several other big players of the Maker Movement.

    Evan Cohen is the self-described “handy man” of IndieGogo’s operation, helping educate and empower Makers through crowdfunding. Matthew Burnett heads Maker’s Row, providing independents Makers with a manufacturing network across the United States. And Ashley Etling helped establish Red Clay Design, connecting Makers and retailers with award-winning designers.

    Together they form a Maker super-team of sorts and they’ll be sitting together in one room on Super Bowl Sunday, no less. There, you can learn how the Maker Movement is being elevated from the people leading the charge.

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     for more photos from the showroom floor and be sure to follow NY NOW on Instagram (you just might spot us posting there too).

    If you’re a retailer, you can learn more about The Grommet Wholesale here: The Grommet Wholesale


  • "Pop In" and Be a Part of a Grommet First


    Just in time for the holidays, we're opening our first-ever Pop-In Shop and you're cordially invited. We've teamed up with local Retailer, Michelle Willey to set up shop within her storefront in Boston’s South End. 

    If you're like us, you're on the hunt for most unique gifts this year. By bringing our Grommets to this retail location, we are making it easier for you to support independent Makers this holiday season and purchase gifts that have meaning. We hope you accept our invitation to  experience what it means to “Give Differently” this year. Through our “Pop-In” experience, you will be able to touch, test, and purchase Grommets on-site as part of our installation within the shop. On the shelves, you will find popular items such as the instructive yoga mat by Yoga by Numbers, along side Boston-born and manufactured products like drink lids by Cuppowand custom handcrafted gold and silver jewelry by Dennis Higgins among others– all of which are created by independent Makers and have been vetted and approved by our Discovery Team.

    Our host and partner, the ethereal South End boutique Michelle Willey, is helping us bring this exciting project to life. If you're in the Boston area, stop by to start your holiday shopping with a collection of giftable Grommets. Not local? Browse our Pop-In collection that includes all of the unique gift ideas you’d find on the store shelves.

    Michelle Willey
    8 Union Park Street, Boston, MA
    November 20 - December 24
    Mon-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-5

    We will also be holding special events on the weekends. Be sure to join us for Small Business Saturday to receive complimentary gift wrapping when you #ShopSmall (and check back for news on future events).


  • We Just Met Some of the Smartest Kids on Earth

    This past weekend, The Grommet crew arrived in the Big Apple with Grommets and passion in tow. As we neared the New York Hall of Science grounds and the majestic rockets of Rocket Park came into view, we knew we were in for an adventure. We had arrived at the greatest show and tell on Earth (the World Maker Faire).


    Up went our booth, crafted from wood and metal. Out came our Grommets, packed into carefully curated boxes. PocketMonkey, Speaker Creature, Mist, Pin Pals, IN1 Case, Gigs 2 Go, Craftholic, KeySmart… For a “red carpet” welcome, we rolled out a Yoga by Numbers mat. At 10 AM each day, the floodgates opened to this part amusement park, part fairgrounds, and part technology event. The crowds swarmed the expansive grounds and many curious minds hitting our booth with wide, inquisitive eyes. Visitors from all over the globe, eager to learn about us, crept close with a wonderfully recurrent turn of phrase: “What is The Grommet?”


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  • Updates from The Showroom Floor At NY NOW

    We recently attended  NY NOW™  where we set up our  Wholesale Exhibit and  brought along several of our Makers  to showcase their products, giving Retailers an opportunity to learn about them directly from the Makers themselves.


    The show saw over 3,500 visitors in just the first day and our exhibit was in constant motion with Makers and Retailers connecting over the new and innovative products lining our shelves. We're we so excited to meet so many Main Street Retailers. Our favorite interaction of the day just might be when speaking to one Retailer, she told us: "It's like fate that we just met you. Your products are exactly what I'm looking for."

    The Grommet Wholesale at NYNOW

    It's a great feeling connecting Retailers with our Makers and the grins on our Makers faces speak volumes. They are enjoyed the show just as much as we did.

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  • The Maker Movement: Our Future Economy (An Infographic)

    Maker Movement | Infographic: The Grommet


    If you read our blog regularly,  you know that we've discussed the impact (and importance) of the Maker Movement before. The innovative, new-to-market products coming from this movement are the reason we do business every day and we're certain this is not just a passing trend. Today we're unveiling a visual representation of the Maker Movement; its impact on consumer products, manufacturing, retail, and our economy as a whole. Whether you're a Maker, Retailer, or consumer, you're touched by this movement and we are eager to share how through this infographic.

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  • These Grommets Are Smarter Than We Are


    the internet of things

    Here at The Grommet, our  Discovery Team is always on the look-out for new trends and corresponding products that have the potential to make it big. Our Co-Founder and Chief Discovery Officer, Joanne Domeniconi, says that when she and Jules first founded The Grommet, she wasn’t sure how easy it would be to continually find new, innovative products every day. She doesn’t worry about that anymore, she now jokes. With the lower barriers to entry for creating consumer products, there are more products out there than we can sometimes handle. And while there are many “trends” that come and go, there is one that’s here to stay; The “Internet of Things.” The Internet of Things means that hardware products are getting smarter. So smart, they can remind us of things we risk forgetting like when to take medicine or that our milk in the fridge is going sour.

    This may sound like a far-off future to some, but the truth is that it’s already here. We spotted the enthusiasm for these types of products back in 2011 when we launched the now mainstream wearable tech, FitBit. The company was brand new at the time and needed market feedback. The Grommet’s community showed just how high the demand would be for these wearables. The category of tech-enabled fitness products has grown exponentially, but there are also now products you place all over your home and car (and play with too).

    Here are just a few Grommets that are “smarter” than we are.

    Stay tuned for even more coming down the pipeline in the next few months.

    IceDot crash sensor

    This little device attaches to your bike helmet and can sense a significant impact (a crash) and automatically send a notification to a loved one who can call for help. It’s an added layer of safety if you're biking alone. Shop Now

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  • Introducing The Grommet Wholesale: At The White House Maker Faire today!


    In conjunction with President Obama at the first ever White House Maker Faire, we are officially launching The Grommet Wholesale Platform. Our goal since we founded the company back in the insanely challenging year of 2008 has remained exactly the same--to level the playing field so the best products can win. Our executive careers at big companies like Keds and Stride Rite told us that the business of product launch was massive--but also very broken. So we set out to build a place where inspired (but often new-to-the-rodeo) product creators had a chance to succeed, and where their stories could be shared with a caring, supportive community. Since our classic startup beginnings, working out of a single room, we’ve been able to build a product launch platform that’s powerfully catapulted over 2,000 Makers and their products. This is meaningful work--but it’s not enough. So we’re charging out again to revolutionize another part of the traditional retail model: wholesale. It’s overdue for a 21st century makeover and we’re launching a new b2b e-commerce site to do it.

    The Grommet Wholesale

    Welcome to The Grommet Wholesale. Our platform provides a critical missing resource to build sustainable Maker businesses by creating a more convenient, organized, and curated online platform where Retailers can source the newest and most imaginative products for their stores.

    Untitled-2 Here's a look at the welcome to retailers on our site.

    Forming a massive sea change in product creation, fifty-seven percent of adult Americans identify themselves as Makers.  Their product development is entirely technology driven and they are seizing unprecedented access to rapid prototyping, crowdfunding, hacker spaces, and small run manufacturing resources to form a vibrant, new American industrial renaissance called The Maker Movement. This means that more worthy products than ever are hitting our pipeline each day and we need to prepare them for scale.  The business of wholesale is a traditional one.  Purchase orders are still written by hand or transferred via email attachments.   Product sourcing often occurs through catalogs, trade shows and sales reps appointments.   These avenues are, and will remain, valuable.  Yet wholesale needs to catch up with today’s digital world, streamlining the process for both Makers and Retailers. Our furthering of the Maker Movement is even being recognized by President Obama himself as The White House is holding its first ever Maker Faire today.   We’ll be there with big smiles on our faces, to embrace their support and basking in the moment. We have been working in this space before it even had a name.  It’s deeply gratifying to have the Commander in Chief of the nation recognize our central role in enabling the Maker Movement.

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  • The Maker Movement: In Motion


    Maker Movement | The Grommet

    This maker movement puts power in the hands of the people to fund, design, prototype, produce, manufacture, distribute, market and sell their own goods. - Jeremiah Owyang

    If you're a Maker, or aspire to be one, today is a great day to be you. What exactly is a Maker, you ask? Am I a Maker because I love to spend my weekends fixing up my old car? Or, am I a Maker because I spend my Sunday afternoons with a paintbrush in hand? The answer is that anyone can become a Maker regardless of whether you work in tech, design or another field and whether it's a hobby or a full-fledged business. Here at The Grommet, we view all the wonderful product creators as Makers. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Jules Pieri views creators and Makers as one in the same. "If it’s coming from a person, not an institution, they’re a Maker," says Jules.

    The good news is that if you've always had an itch to create, it’s easier than ever to make things. This is much of why The Grommet exists and is thriving with a strong supply of worthy products in our pipeline. Twenty years ago, there wouldn’t have been the opportunity for people to make consumer products the way they can today, it was expensive and difficult. Innovation was once sprung by big brands, but they're no longer the only players. Today, thanks to the Maker Movement, the real innovation is happening in our garages and basements. People are creating new products with laser cutters and making prototypes with 3D printers.

    This movement is so big, that on June 18th, 2014, the White House held their very first Maker Faire to celebrate these Makers. Our fearless leaders, Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi attended to represent The Grommet's role in this movement. You can watch a video on our day at the White House here.

    What does all of this mean for our world?

    The Maker Movement is shaping the future of: 

    • Consumer Products
    • U.S. Manufacturing
    • Product Innovation
    • Main Street Retail
    • Our Economy

    Did you know that?

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