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Category: Product Launch

  • EXTRA INNINGS: Updates from MAX'IS Creations

    This week, we're continuing our updates from some of our teams at our Product Pitch competition in March. We love watching how these companies are evolving and tracking their success!


    Did you have a favorite team at our Product Pitch event and can’t wait to see what they’re up to? Follow along here and watch their progress.


    Below you’ll see some great news from the MAX'IS Creations team.


     Thanks for the updates, Jennifer (Jennifer is Max's mom)!

  • EXTRA INNINGS: Updates from MAX'IS Creations

    This week we kicked off a new series here on the blog called EXTRA INNINGS.  Did you have a favorite team at our Product Pitch event and can’t wait to see what they’re up to? Follow along here and watch their progress. Below you’ll see some great news from the MAX'IS Creations team.

     Thanks for the updates, Jennifer (Jennifer is Max's mom)!

    product launch, MAX'IS Creations

    Max and his brother taking in the sights at Fenway Park at the product pitch competition.




    Greetings from MAX’IS Creations.  It has been a whirlwind few weeks since being named a finalist in the Product Pitch at Fenway and winning the popular community vote.

    A larger cause....

    When we heard that Daily Grommet was partnering with Indiegogo to launch crowd-funding campaigns on behalf of the finalists, we wanted to use the opportunity to do more than simply raise money for MAX’IS Creations.  So we created a campaign that allowed Max to not only foster interest in his patent pending “Mug with a Hoop” but also to raise awareness and support for the upside of dyslexia.  The support for Max’s campaign in the dyslexia world has been very rewarding.  His campaign was even tweeted about by the British Dyslexia Association and others involved in the dyslexia cause.  Just the other day the link between creativity and dyslexia was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.  We think that Max seeing a basketball hoop where others just see a mug is a great example of one of the tenets of the Carroll School:  “People with dyslexia see the world differently, isn’t the world lucky that they do.”  And today, Max received a priceless email from a 27 year old CEO, who himself is dyslexic, offering both encouragement and business support to Max as he proceeds with his new venture.

    product launch, MAX'IS Creations

    Max promoting his product at Brueggers Bagels Bakery


    Lest this be mistaken for a purely philanthropic effort, this 8-year entrepreneur is focused on selling his product and raising capital.  Yesterday morning, Max woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to Bruegger’s bakery in Weston Center to showcase his “Mug With a Hoop.”  He made some presales, collected some donations, and sent many home with a flyer telling them how to log into Indiegogo to contribute to his online campaign.  He also engaged in some friendly competition with Daily Grommet alumna Wendy Chandor’s boys Peter and Ryan who were raising funds for their baseball team!


    product launch, MAX'IS Creations

    Max meets with lawyers about patents (and has some fun!)

    Other highlights this week were sitting down with our Patent team, Travis Johnson of Ascentage Law and Cynthia Gilbert of Hyperion Law at the Cambridge Innovation Center.  In addition to patent strategy, Max learned that lawyers could also have fun with his invention!


    Our first few weeks since the event have also held some struggles.  We are working hard to find lower cost manufacturing options in the United States and are aware of the difficulties that go along with that. We hope to have some good news in this area soon!


    product pitch, MAX'IS Creations

    Max runs to the computer after school to check on his Indiegogo campaign!

    Even with ups and downs, Max has his sights set on the big picture: selling his mugs and generating interest for his venture.  He will be showcasing his prototype and selling his mugs at the upcoming Rich Altman Sports Memorabilia Convention in Wilmington next weekend.  He even has autographs (of his prototype) lined up with Celtics Legends:  Bill Walton, Bill Russell, John Havlicek and Sam Jones!  Although Max is the first to remind people that he is too young to have actually seen them play!


    More from MAX'IS Creations team soon. Be sure to catch all of the EXTRA INNINGS here.


  • EXTRA INNINGS: Updates from Frogglez Goggles!




    Frogglez Goggles, product pitch

    Christian and the TV crew!


    Last week we gave you an update from our product pitch winner, THINX on Boston.com.


    Beginning this week, we're going to start bringing you updates from more of our teams right here on the blog. Did you have a favorite team at the event and can't wait to see what they're up to? Follow along here and watch their progress. Below you'll see some great news from the Frogglez Goggles team.


  • Diary of a Product Launch: THINX

    product launch THINX

    THINX Member, Antonia Dunbar with her signed baseball at From Home Plate to a Home Run

    Hi product pitch fans! 

    We just can't seem to get enough of the success that our 10 teams have seen since our From Home Plate to a Home Run event on March 19th. Now that the event is over, the fun begins for these teams. We want to follow them along this journey. We want to document their trials and triumphs and celebrate with them as they reach major benchmarks. We think they each have a great story to tell and deserve for it to be told. 

    So with that said, we're starting by introducing a diary format for our winning team, THINX on our media partner's site, Boston.com Here you will be able to follow the THINX girls on their road to innovative underwear success. Check out their first post on Boston.com today and root for them along with us. 

    Good luck THINX and can't wait for your next installment.

  • These teams are up to bat with their Indiegogo campaign launches!

    The Daily Grommet Product Pitch event was one week ago and already our 10 teams have seen much success and are feeling that momentum after participating in this live event. They received great feedback, great press and are now onto the next stage of bringing their products to market with their individual Indiegogo campaign launches!

    As you know, we recently started a partnership with the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. They also served as one of our trusty expert "coaches" during the event. Why did we decide to embark on this partnership? One reason is that we want to be part of future Grommet's success from the very beginning. We want to know these companies from the time they're working in their basement, wondering when and *if* they'll ever make it big. We also want Daily Grommet to be a part of their success alongside Indiegogo.

    We truly believe many of these companies will succeed and they deserve that chance. Places like Indiegogo give these companies the opportunity for funding, but also to gauge demand for their product. We're honored and thrilled that these 10 teams were a part of our journey on March 19th and can't wait to follow their journey moving forward.

    So check out some of our first few teams that have launched on Indiegogo today and consider helping them to reach their campaign goals. If you aren't able to donate, help them to promote their campaign. Tell the world their story, because we believe they deserve to be told.

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  • Product Pitch: From home plate to a home run .... and the winner is

    Daily Grommet  teamed up with Indiegogo, Google Apps and Boston.com to power a 10-team product competition at Fenway Park on March 19, 2013. You met the Players, learned about the expert Coaches and have likely even read some of the great press coverage about the big event, but have you met the winner?

    A quick recap: Ten finalists competed in a series of creative business challenges to prove their product concept to a panel of business, design, media and VC executives. Each team used Google Apps to collaborate with the panel throughout the day. The finalists were all driven, each with an innovative product and compelling story.  But alas, only one could win.

    Antonia Dunbar, co-founder of the winning team, THINX

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  • A good video doesn't just sell, it compells

    A great product video not only educates - it also entertains and inspires. Convincing people that a product is right for them is usually done in a heavy-handed, "but wait - there's more!" way, an approach I think people tune out almost immediately. There's something about being pushed to purchase that turns people off, no matter how brilliant or innovative a product happens to be.

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  • Introducing our Master of Ceremonies, Live Correspondent and Coaches!

    Here at Daily Grommet we are so excited that our big event From Home Plate to a a Home Run is less than one week away! Every day exciting things are being added to the agenda and today we are happy to announce our Master of Ceremonies, Live Correspondent and our coaches (panel experts) ! We've been lucky enough to recruit the best in the business from media, design venture capital and more to take part in this event. Here's the lineup.


    Scott Kirsner

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    THINX: New York, New York
    What is it?

    Fashion + Technology intersect to solve a global problem.

    Read more about this product straight from the founders below!





    Product Description:

    THINX (www.shethinx.com) solves two problems. One, THINX is a patent-pending, leak-resistant, stain-resistant, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking pair of underwear. It thinks of women and girls every day of the month, every month of the year, and this underwear is also beautiful, breathable and comfortable.

    Two, THINX has a partnership with AFRIpads to help address a worldwide problem of women and girls in the developing world missing 3-7 days of school or work per month because she doesn't have the right resources. They are also resorting to unimaginable solutions such as using things like twigs, leaves, dirty rags. Many girls drop out or get pregnant early, causing a substantially disempowered female population with fewer choices to better themselves and their communities.

    To provide a solution, THINX has partnered with an organization based in Uganda called AFRIpads to create 7 washable, reusable pads for every pair of THINX sold in the developed world (Buy 1 Fund 7). Unlike other One for One models, THINX has an empowering business model as it helps to create jobs and drive income for the local economy: The pads are not simply given away but are made locally and more affordably available for purchase by those who need them the most.






    Twitter: @SheTHINX

    Team Bio:

    THINX was created and co-founded by three entrepreneurial friends (two of whom happen to be identical twin sisters which makes their co-founding friend Antonia's head spin!). Miki is the founder of WILD (currently known as Slice Perfectwww.sliceperfect.com), a farm-to-table pizza franchise based in NYC, and Radha is the founder of Super Sprowtz (www.supersprowtz.com), a children's media company that inspires kids to lead a healthier and happier life, also based in NYC. Antonia is a PR/Marketing Executive and classically trained cellist who has been overseeing the production and design of THINX for the last two years.

  • Outlet Anywhere

    Outlet Anywhere: Sherborn, MA

    What is it?

    Updated baseboard moulding.

    Read more about this product straight from the founders below!

    Product Description:

    The Problem:

    Traditional electric outlets are fixed, immovable fixtures that dictate where people place their furniture, electronics and décor. Outlets can be hard to reach if they are placed behind furniture and an eyesore if they are out in the open with messy cords draping across the wall or trailing across the floor. If you have an outlet on a switch, you are stuck. Those outlets are determined at the time of construction and can’t be changed later…so that table lamp always has to be in the same spot in the room unless you want to rely on an ugly extension cord or rip apart your wall and call an electrician. There has to be a better way.


    The Solution:

    Outlet Anywhere integrates a power management system into the baseboard mouldings of your
    home. Our modular outlets are hidden away inside of your baseboard mouldings and can easily
    slide anywhere along the length of your wall.

    With Outlet Anywhere you can:

    1. Choose exactly how many outlets you want in any room.

    2. Place those outlets exactly where you want them

    3. Decide which outlets should be standard or switchable outlets

    4. Hide away unsightly cords

    5. And most importantly, you can change your mind at any time with very little effort or

    Outlet Anywhere provides convenience, aesthetics, and cost savings. Outlet Anywhere works by disguising an access channel as the face of baseboard moulding. Within the channel, the moulding accepts a recepticle which can be secured safely with a turn. Turning to the left connects as a standard outlet, while turning to the right engages the switchable circuit. Electricity is delivered via a track which is completely out of harm’s way within the moulding. The system is further protected by GFCI. Outlet Anywhere allows you to add (or remove) power outlets to your room easily and far more inexpensively then using an electrician. Outlet Anywhere saves money in installation costs for renovations and new builds. Typical installation requires roughing in dozens of outlet boxes, drilling holes through studs for wiring, making sure the boxes are flush with the builder's specs for drywall, choosing a single outlet to be on a switch and wiring that correctly, etc. With Outlet Anywhere, an electrician just needs to provide one power access point (and an optional wall switch) per room. Outlet Anywhere can be installed by a carpenter when they are doing finishing carpentry.

    Twitter handle:  @outletanywhere


    Team Bio: 

    George Conlow and Tim Blacquier spend their days working together as online product managers within a Fortune 500 company with a focus on new products and services that help moving consumers. By night, they spend their time collaborating on concepts and products that improve everyday life. George has a B.A in both economics and international relations from the University of California, Davis and an M.B.A. from the F.W. Olin School of Business at Babson College. He loves spending time with his kids playing his guitar and singing. George enjoys discovering the world through the internet and watches far too much YouTube. Tim graduated with a B.S. in management and a minor in computer information systems from Quinnipiac University in 2002. His first job was in the puzzle industry which fueled his career-long interest in problem solving. He lives in Natick with his wife and two children.

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