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  • Unique Gifts For The Host & Hostess

    Looking for a unique host or hostess gift to bring along to your next holiday party? We've rounded up the eight gift ideas that will be a hit this holiday season. Be the guest with the most unique hostess gift and you’ll be sure to get invited back again soon.



    This hand blown decanter is designed to be a versatile carafe to hold your favorite wine as well as lemonade or sangria. It will be the talk of the table.  Shop Now.


    Sunday Drive Designs

    These hard-working cotton dish towels bring vintage styling and lightheartedness to everyday kitchen cleanup.  Shop Now Continue Reading

  • Maker Update: Haiti Projects

    When we launched Haiti Projects on The Grommet five years ago, they were already an organization we were proud to stand behind. By employing women in Haiti to make nightgowns, the mission was not only to provide them with access to income, but also education, family-planning resources, and microloans. We recently caught up with the organization and were blown away by their progress since launch.


    Haiti Projects continues to employ about 90 women, they are the second largest employer in the Fond-des-Blancs region of Haiti. This year, they provided every single employee a 3% living wage increase, and promoted five employees to supervisory positions. Over the next two years, their goal is to add an additional 100 jobs to the organization. This year, they began a beekeeping initiative which has allowed them to hire four male beekeepers and produce 50 gallons of 100% organic honey.

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  • 5 Unique Gift for the Bartender

    Raise a glass for these gifts that any aspiring bartender or gracious host will appreciate.


    Mason Shaker

    A shot of Americana, a jigger of Southern sensibility, a dash of design ingenuity, and what have you got? The Mason Shaker. A unique four-piece cocktail shaker made of glass and stainless steel.  Shop Now

    Whiskey Wedge

    Whisky Wedge

    The Whiskey Wedge creates an intriguing wedge of ice inside its specially designed tumbler. Keep your favorite drink cool--both in temperature and in appearance--as the ice block melts slowly. Shop Now

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  • 30 ways to $%#(@$** Celebrate!

    How can we possibly give a birthday tribute befitting of our Sandrine (aka Sanda-rine, aka Sandy)?

    We should start with fireworks, a live marching band, cupcakes and a champagne toast. But no one would chip in for that.

    We ran a CAC analysis--Cost to Acquire Candles—and that was more within our budget.

    On this special day, let's remember Sandrine's impact on our daily work lives. Like her incredible laugh, ringing through the office. Her CPC is a bit high--Crack-ups per Calendar day—but that's because, let's face it—there's a lot to laugh about on our team. Especially at Natalie's expense.

    Really, though, who else is so dedicated to acronyms in daily work (outside the military, maybe) besides our Sandrine?

    She always wants to know the daily CAAL percentage—(Chocolate Available After Lunch). Bring in some chocolate-covered almonds and make her birthday afternoon. (No Hersheys though. Her dad makes French chocolate. So have some standards.)

    Btw, if it seems like this post is long, we apologize. We were told to stay within a strict time limit for reading it. In Sandrine form, though, time restrictions mean nothing to us today. Gongs and time limits, be damned!

    Sandrine, the place you most excel is LTV. And that one just means the usual—Lifetime Value. Yours is off the charts. May you get back just half of the smiles, smarts and joy you bring to those around you.

    Happiest of Birthdays from all your fans at the office.

    - Madaline
    Happy birthday Sandrine! I hope you enjoyed this mini-heart attack on your special day! :) - Kristin
    Happy Birthday, Sandrine! May you celebrate your last birth day with century aged champagne - and may you plant those grapes tomorrow. - Adam
    Sandrine, It’s your birthday?
    I will drink to that.
    - Jules
    Happy birthday to the most inspiring
    and beautiful VP of Marketing I've ever worked with!
    You're amazing and it's an honor to work with you every day!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    - Margo
    Sandy, it's all in good fun- we love you! - Marcia
    Joyeux anniversaire! - Lauren
    Happy Birthday Sandrine! Hope you have a great day!- Jon
    Sandrine, Wishing you the happiest birthday....
    so happy we decided to make today a national holiday!
    Hope you enjoy your day off, and happy birthday!!!!!
    - Pam
    Happy Birthday Sandrine!- June
    Wishing you a day of smile, silly moments, and birthday sweets! Happy Birthday Sandrine!- Cheers, TT
    Bon Anniversaire Sandy!- Ryan
    My very favorite photo of Sandrine was created by her young daughterand posted on Facebook. It captures perfectly - Sandrine's colorful style, yellow hair and sunny face. Happy Birthday to a wonderful person and Grommet friend.- Joanne
    Wishing you a day full of smiles and laughter.
    Happy Birthday

    - Katherine

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