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Many people are afraid of change. Be it moving to a new state, meeting someone for the first time or trying a new flavor of coffee it can be difficult.

It's hard, for me, to imagine life without change.  I've moved more time than I have fingers, I'm willing to try just about any food, and I a wide variety of hobbies and collections (that constantly change).

Life at Daily Grommet is all about change.  After all, we present a completely new product every day!  How much for different can you get? Not only is it different, it's usually from a different area of life.  From t-shirts to salad bowls to feminine products I thankfully never have to deal with. 

Life from one day to the next is never the same. Recently we had a big(ish) change internally that kind of went went unnoticed.  I hinted at it some time ago when I posted a photo of an empty room on twitter.

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No, we haven't moved.  Completely.  I, and several others however have.  Upstairs!  To our own office!  Woohoo!

So we've spread out even more than we did when JoAnne and some of the Discovery team moved across the street.

First, I want to remind you of what my workspace looked like (note the use of workspace, not desk again)

Things to pay attention to.  It's a card table.  A small card table at that.  There are no personal items anywhere, no room. There are stairs right in front of me.  It can be very distracting with people going up and down all the time.

Now my current DESK:

I now have room for a second monitor where I can spread out my work.  I also have a desk.  Room for books (left corner) and room to spread out.  Oh, and did I mention I had a DESK?!

Now I'll grant you, looking at a door and empty set of shelves isn't much better than a set of stairs, but being in an actual room rather than the foyer means we get to have stuff! For example we now have this awesome piece of art that was  tested and ended up becoming a Grommet (the product testing was awesome) from Julia and Claire.  The blue marker art is all Claire, I call it the 'Mona Claire':

Mona Claire

On the other wall I have some of my masks displayed.  The top 2 are from Cirque du Soleil, the bottom one is a Mardi Gras mask:

Aside from the ability to have stuff on the walls I can put personal stuff around and cause odd looks from June and Lara.  For example here are some of my wind-up toys and my Storm Trooper USB drive:

So ultimately it's a good thing.  We've spread out a bit more so we aren't stepping over each other and the rest of the office is starting to get a little friendlier and homey.  Before it was just the Office (where Jules and Patti live) and the Discovery room.  Now, with me egging people on, the happy is spreading.

See, change is good.


  • Ann Says:

    Apart from the fact that your spelling and grammar are atrocious (and it's endearing, so no worries!), I'm so happy that things are expanding for the Grommet. I've only recently subscribed to the Daily Grommet (and why do I keep trying to stick an extra "T" at the end of "Grommet"? I am a very large dork), but what I've received so far have been innovative, smile-inducing products (that I can't afford.)

    I have several of the products' websites bookmarked, and I'm cheerfully forwarding the links to everyone I know. Someday, I might actually be able to revisit those websites and purchase the things I covet. For now, all I can do is.... link to the various places I visit. Painfully little, but I'll do what I can, until I can afford to buy some of the wonderful products I've seen on my Daily Grommet.

    Love this website. I lucked into it through Facebook, but that's the only kudo I'll give - from now on, The Grommet is MINE. *g*

    Big hugs to all,
    Cynaera (aka Ann)

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Cynaera,
    Glad you found us! Thank you for loving what we do -- we try very hard to find great Grommets that hit all price points. So hopefully, you can help support some of the Grommets you have grown to love. Appreciate that you have shared with others, we love that folks like you are helping us spread the word!

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