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Chico's Good Karma

By Sara Pacelle

The other day I was researching a Grommet submission on all natural dog food.   I LOVE dogs, so it was fun for me!  The product looked incredible, the ingredients were all organic and nutritious and the recipes sounded like food I would cook for my family.

Reading about this food  got me hungry, so I popped outside to my car to grab my lunch.  Outside our office was the cutest little white dog being walked by a kind-lookWhite Dog, dog food, Daily Grommeting man wearing a red fleece jacket and a ponytail.  I asked if I could pet the dog and started talking with the man.  It turned out the man owned a pet walking/sitting service and he had found the dog abandoned near an office building close to his house.   We talked about the blessing of him finding the dog ( since named Chico), because the man really cared about dogs.  The man was so astute about Chico.  He said having run his pet business for 20 years, he could tell a lot about a dog’s background.  He guessed Chico was about 10 years old and was probably owned by an elderly person, who in the past had loved him and taken very good care of him.  He suspected that given the economy the person was no longer able to keep Chico so s/he left him where he could be found by people who had jobs.  The man said he had heard lots of recent stories of other abandoned animals, dogs, cats, horses and even a cow.   Chico was starving when the man found him and his teeth were rotten.   Dental care for pets is really expensive.  The  man was bringing him to the vet later that day and had him on soft foods and vitamins.

He asked what I did and I told him about Daily Grommet.  He said he thought it sounded like a cool site.  I said how ironic it was that I was looking into this amazing dog food when that elderly person could barely afford to feed him/herself.  We thought how difficult it must have been for that person to leave her pet.  Maybe she lived alone and Chico was her only companion.  I wonder still how that person is doing.  I wish I knew who he/she was.  I almost feel like I do.

It made me think about us at Daily Grommet and what we do here.    We try to find products that are good for you, are useful and most importantly, have meaning.  We realize these are tough times for lots of people.  We want to help people enjoy their lives more with products that do that.

So, I saw Chico and that man again today.  Chico looked great.  The man told me that he cooks long grain brown rice for Chico and his other 8 dogs.  He wanted them to get their fiber but he flavored it with dog food, because he said, “hey, they want their food to taste good too!  And I figure anything that helps keeps the pipes moving must have good karma.”   That made me smile and I thought that Chico’s prior owner can rest assured he’s in good hands.

- Sara

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