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Color your home green with eco-friendly housewares

The idea of a green home is appealing, but the reality of transforming an energy-draining, resource-consuming habitat into an eco home can be daunting. The trick is to take on one challenge at a time, when and where you can. Here are some green home ideas to get you inspired.

 IdeaPaint Dry Erase Paint

IdeaPaint - Dry Erase Paint

Make room for your big ideas with IdeaPaint, a water-based paint that creates a dry-erase surface on walls, cabinets, desktops and anywhere else you can imagine. Buy Idea Paint whiteboard dry erase paint here

 TRU Eco Induction Burner

TRU Eco - Induction Burner

The Tru Eco induction cooker is powerful and fast, it also won't put a dent in your wallet or the environment. Buy the TRU portable induction cooktop burner here.

 The Right Mat Reclaimed Fishing Rope Doormat

The Right Mat - Reclaimed Fishing Rope Doormat

The "Right Mat" creates gorgeous doormats from reclaimed lobster ropes. They help safeguard marine life, support lobstermen and keep used ropes out of landfills. Buy outdoor doormats made from recycled lobster float ropes here.

 Anywhere Fireplace Ventless Fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace - Ventless Fireplace

A ventless fireplace is an elegant, eco-friendly way to add instant warmth and ambiance to any room, inside or out. Buy a contemporary stainless steel wall mount or pit Anywhere Fireplace here.

 Sodastream Fountain Machine

Sodastream - Fountain Machine

With a touch of a button you can have homemade soda (without high fructose corn syrup). It's surprisingly easy and affordable. Buy Soda Club Sodastream carbonator to make your own soda here.

 Blue Moon Bottles Wine Bottle Reclamation Art

Blue Moon Bottles - Wine Bottle Reclamation Art

Blue Moon Bottles creates drinking glasses and vases made from recycled wine bottles. No two are the same, but they all catch the light beautifully. Buy Blue Moon Bottles' recycled glass tumblers here.

 Around the Bend Handcrafted Willow Twig Mirror

Around the Bend - Handcrafted Willow Twig Mirror

This handcrafted, colorful mirror will always reflect your good taste. Buy Around the Bend's handcrafted willow twig mirror here.

 Woolly Pocket Gardening Containers

Woolly Pocket - Gardening Containers

Not quite a pot, more interesting than a window box, these planting “pockets” will have you thinking about plants in a whole new way. Buy Woolly Pocket gardening pockets for vertical wall gardens here.

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