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Come on, back!

Daily Grommet Office, Kidoodle, Grandparents.com 001

Jules tells Sara to "Come on, back!"

Daily Grommet Office, Kidoodle, Grandparents.com 002

Nice moves, Jules. Next stop: ground crew at Logan

We've written before about the old Victorian house that serves as our office.  We love it and all of its quirks.

One of the funniest ones is that when more than four of us are here (which is basically every day of course), we must block each other in to park.  We're not just talking double parking, but triple and quadruple, too. I can't tell you how many times we've had to drop everything to move one of our cars:  mid-video, mid-Grommet testing, mid-writing code (sorry Gary and Eric, the ones we tend to bug the most since they are here around the clock!).

Love these photos of Jules in true CEO fashion directing Sara out of just such a double-parked situation.  Jules did a bang up job.  Wouldn't be surprised if the ground crew at Logan doesn't call her up soon - what finesse!  And I'm a way big fan of those orange shoelaces.


  • Angella Says:

    That house is so cute! (So is Jules.)

    Maybe one day I can come & visit... :)

  • Jules Pieri Says:

    Since you called me cute, if you come visit, I will buy you cupcakes from the new bakery on our lane...it's called "Cake."

  • Sara Says:

    Huh? Bakery on our lane? Gotta go....

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