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Favorite Grommet comments: coming clean on gray hair

spotlight1Sometimes it's the Grommet that one of our team member's has known about for a while that elicits the greatest response.  Today our own Joanne came clean with her secret weapon against those gray roots that sneak out between salon appointments:  ColorMark Temporary Hair Color.

This Grommet really caught the attention of several of our community members.  We especially love this comment, from Katherine:

Oh dear, another Grommet for me! You see, the other day I was playing duck, duck, grey duck with the neighborhood kids and DIED when the neighbor girl called me grey hair duck! I have a spot, but thought I parted my hair in a way that camouflaged it, evidently not! I went to the store and had a panic attack. I'm a redhead and none of those boxes looked like me! On your color swatches I'm not as dark as Auburn, but not as bright as light auburn or red. The fact that yours is temporary gives me courage to make a mistake! Does it wash out with one wash? Another great Grommet Joanne!

Katherine, thanks for your honesty (grey hair duck, indeed!).  And be sure to drop back by the site to let us know how you like it!

Buy ColorMark's hair root touch up to color gray roots here.

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