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Community spotlight: Cubicle inspiration by Susan

Hearing reactions, comments, questions, and opinions about the Grommets we feature from our community is really important to us. (Yes, we even want the tough-love kind of comments, and plain tough ones as well. Honest.) We also think that comments from our community make your Grommet experience a much richer and real one -- not to mention more fun.

You can share your comments and reactions right here on our blog or in the Talk About This Grommet section you'll find on every product page, including our homepage. And today we're kicking off a regular blog feature in which we'll highlight a recent comment that made us smile, think, or learn something new.

Since today is Monday and we're all back to work, we thought this comment by Susan, which she made about the Eggling Crack and Grow Plants we featured last week, was perfect:

I have one of these in my cube at work and it's my little breath of fresh (outside) air, that I rarely get during the day. It was really fun to watch it grow and I don't have a ton of natural light and it did ok.

Thanks, Susan, for reminding us to brighten up our workspaces!

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