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Favorite Grommet comments: Q&A with the pros

spotlight1At Daily Grommet, we not only tell you about awesome products and show you how to use them and buy them.  We also put you directly in touch with the people behind the products.  This is what our "Talk about this Grommet" board is all about each and every day.

Last weekend we featured Animoto, an exciting online service that takes your photos and turns them into professional slide shows.

Laura T. was our first comment of the day, and she asked a great question:

How hard is this to do? I'm not very tech savvy, but I do have my photos up on Picasa. I love how the video you showed here came out, but I'm wondering if I would be able to add all those effects.

Enter Erik Bjornard, from Animoto, to answer her:

Creating an Animoto video is super easy. Just upload your photos (you can even pull them directly from Picasa, Smugmug, Facebook, Flickr or Photobucket), choose your music, and hit "go." Animoto will automatically analyze your song, choose appropriate motion design and sync your images to the music, and you'll get a custom video back in a matter of minutes.

Matching people with products and solutions is what we love to do here.   It's our pleasure to hook you up with the folks who know their products better than anyone else.  So keep those comments, and especially those questions, coming.

Learn how to make your own video slideshow with Animoto.com here.

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