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Community Spotlight: Thanks, Lynn!

We have to be really passionate about a product to feature it on Daily Grommet and we love finding out that members of our community who have had a chance to try the product before are also nuts about it. And so imagine our excitement when we saw this comment from Lynn about the SweetStacks Gourmet Pancakes:

I have been enjoying SweetStacks for probably about a year. I no longer enjoy ANY other pancakes!! These are the BEST!!! In addition to a pancake that literally melts in your mouth, Elaine makes you feel like you are her only customer!! For referring a friend, she sent me wonderful honey and jam. Every "packing slip" has a "personalized" note from Elaine, and I even got birthday wishes!! You just have to become a customer to experience the best pancakes in the world and her wonderful marketing "personality." You won't be disappointed!!

Thanks, Lynn, for sharing your excitement with us and our community!

Buy SweetStacks gourmet pancake mix here.

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