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Conference calls, crackling and confusion

Daily Grommet headquarters may be located in Lexington, MA but every day I join the team remotely all the way from sunny California. Chances are, if you chat with us on Twitter or are a part of our Facebook community- we’ve already met. But if not, Hi! I’m Tori—and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Every week the brains here at Daily Grommet gather for a team meeting. Most gather in the office, while a few of us call in remotely from across the country. During one of my first meetings (remember I am conferenced in) I could barely make out anything they were saying. As business talks went on as usual I felt a slight panic forming. Was it my cordless phone connection? What was this crackling sound? Afraid to interrupt the call, I strained to listen in catching probably every third word that was being said. I thought that my cordless phone was either not catching the connection properly or maybe I had just done something wrong. So instead of interrupting -- “ummmm….excuse me, I think my connection is bad,” I just chose to silently suffer through the call.

Then I get an email from Katherine, another remote Grommet team member, asking “Was your line crackling, or was it just me?” Okay, so I wasn’t the only one. Confident that it wasn’t operator error after all, we asked headquarters about the bad connection. They replied (with a little chuckle),  “OH the crackling? Sorry, we were testing (gourmet) Grommets. We must have been munching near the speaker phone.”

Alas- lesson learned, the discovery team does in fact take their Grommet testing very seriously—even during meetings.


  • Jeanne Says:

    Sorry girls - next time we'll send you some samples so that you're not left out!!

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