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Containers to Clinics (C2C) in Haiti UPDATE

We have been closely following the progress of a Grommet we featured over the holidays, Containers to Clinics (C2C) -- they've created a clever solution to providing healthcare services to underserved communities in the developing world. C2C recycles and retrofits outmoded shipping containers into healthcare clinics and plans to send them all over the world as a healthcare delivery system.  Here's a letter from founder Elizabeth Sheehan, with an update about their work in Haiti:


Hello Daily Grommet!

As you know, on January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake struck Haiti - nearly 220,000 lives were lost and the country suffered an estimated USD $7.9 billion in damages. But even before the earthquake, Haiti had the worst maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates in the Western Hemisphere. The health crisis in Haiti presents a unique opportunity for modular, transportable clinics to provide immediate and urgent health services. According to the Haitian government’s Reconstruction and Development Report, 53 public hospitals and clinics have been damaged or destroyed and the population is relying on the efforts of international relief agencies to provide care out of medical tents and on an itinerant basic. The recovery of the health sector will depend heavily on the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure and the establishment of replacement and auxiliary health centers throughout the country. C2C is well positioned to respond to the imperative for immediate and quality primary care facilities.


The C2C clinic will be shipped to Haiti on June 1st, travel to Brooklyn then arrive in PaP on June 15, hopefully doors open on July 1, all thanks to the generous contribution of A.P. Moller/Masersk and DAMCO. The clinic will operate in partnership with Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and Americares as an extension of Grace Children’s Hospital in central Port-au-Prince. The clinic will be used as an outpatient care center for woman and children. Placed on the property of Grace Children’s Hospital, the C2C clinic will be a family-centered facility complete with playground, benches, and safe drinking water.  Americares will supply all pharmaceuticals and health supplies to the C2C clinic. The clinic will hire only Haitian staff members, with management and operational support from Management Sciences for Health. The C2C clinical model has the endorsement and support of the Haitian Ministry of Health, which has prioritized the reconstruction of health facilities across Haiti. C2C is committed to supporting the Haitian government’s long road to self sufficiency by providing modular health facilities that are positioned for long-term integration into the national system.

Thanks for for updating us about your progress in Haiti, Elizabeth. We hope to help spread the word and shine some light on such a devastated part of the world.

 For more information on how you can help C2C, go to www.containers2clinics.org

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