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Crack open the happy with Jokey Yokey!

Crack open the happy with Jokey Yokey!

Laurin Garcia, the founder of Jokey Yokey, has learned from her family that happiness is a choice. She believes that happiness is something you create, not something you are given. And that’s what motivated her to create something that would inspire people to celebrate, laugh, and be silly.

Laurin grew up familiar with the Latin American tradition called cascarone which is said to have come to the Americas via China and Italy with a bit of help from Marco Polo. She decided to recreate the festive eggs she recalls from her childhood, and she has made us smile with her creations.

As Great Britain celebrates its first ever National Happiness Day,  we thought we’d share with you something that makes us happy. In fact, these eggs filled with happiness are just in time for National Stress Awareness Month which is April! 

Jokey Yokeys aren’t just for the kids, and they aren’t just for birthday parties. They’d certainly be fun for Easter, and they’re highly appropriate for Cinco de Mayo parties! But they’re also wonderful for weddings, baby showers, graduations, and even corporate events. Laurin offers a standard collection of Jokey Yokeys as well as a limited edition “merriment” that focuses on a different holiday or theme each month.

Because Laurin makes these by hand, they are fully customizable. You can tell her exactly which message you want inside your Jokey Yokeys! Can you imagine a proposal inside one Jokey Yokey and messages of “I love you because…” inside all the others?

Laurin empties real eggs to create Jokey Yokeys, but she doesn’t just throw all those eggs away. Instead, she donates them to her local homeless shelter in Baltimore, Maryland.

The eggshells themselves and the confetti inside are all biodegradable, so if you crack open the happy outdoors, you won’t even need to clean up! If you prefer to party indoors, a few quick sweeps of the broom will take care of the confetti. The glue and the glitter used to make Jokey Yokeys are handmade with things like flour, water, and sugar to ensure that they’re non-toxic and biodegradable.

So go ahead! Crack a Jokey Yokey above someone’s head and let the happiness rain down on them! The confetti shower is said to bring good luck and good fortune.

We’d love to hear what makes you happy!

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